The state of things

So I planned this blog post basically as a big whinge about my life and how I am feeling. Personally I hate when other people do this, it is so obviously a narcissistic act for attention, it makes me laugh at them, then pity them,then laugh some more. This may sound horrible (and yes it actually is) but who announces a facebook friend cull, does it, then announces on other social media and blog posts that the people they deleted were “fake friends” and not real anyway? Idiots! That’s who! Did you think that we wouldn’t see it? Argh!

Anyway truth be told my feelings have been more down than up lately, my grand plan is pretty much flushed down the toilet, so what have I taken away from this? I can NEVER make grand plans, they rarely work, and it is high time that I learned this and moved on with my life and not be disappointed.

So much has changed, the scope of what I thought I wanted to be doing, where I want to be is all rapidly shifting around me and I feel like I am in the middle saying “slow down there! I am not ready for this yet!” but it still keeps turning.

I know that I have people to reach out and talk to about this, but I feel like I have exhausted these people. Whenever I talk to them all I am doing is whining and complaining and I HATE being “that guy”. Professional help? Yeah I am going back to it but it doesn’t change much.

I shouldn’t blog when i’m pissed off, and this one won’t be posted to Facebook or Twitter for this reason I just had to do this for myself as I am finding this soothing. I have to make over my soul not for anyone else, but for me.


Happy Mardi Gras-Versary


Happy Mardi Gras Anniversary! For those that do not know Mardis Gras is a gay pride parade held every year in Oxford Street in Sydney. The last couple of years the parade has come under scrutiny for promoting sex and promiscuous lifestyle over actual gay rights. While these arguments do hold some merit, there are a couple of floats of perfect ab, slim, toned barely dressed boys waving feather boas and donning leather caps, it is not all about this.

I was fortunate enough to march in a marriage equality float a couple of years ago and you may recall my blogpost about this. It was the most invigorating and brave thing I have ever done and I will never forget it as long as I live. I do want to do it again I just need a few years to pluck up that courage again!

That being said here is the reason I am writing today, 35 years ago today, around 10pm on Saturday 24 June 1978, several hundred gays, lesbians and straight supporters – some in fancy dress and some simply rugged up against the cold – gathered at Taylor Square and followed a truck with a small music and sound system down Oxford Street to Hyde Park.

Little did those witnessing and partaking in the march know, this was to be the start of Mardi Gras, and would become a defining moment in the country’s gay rights history.

Today, 35 years later, we honour the bravery and passion of our pioneers, as we continue the journey which they began. Back at the time of the march it was all about equal rights for homosexuals, something that a lot of young people today take too much for granted.

Looking at our society now, we are fighting for equal marriage rights in this country, something that with our current prime minister seems like it will be a long time off. Is it something that we can simply request and it happens? No

It is something that we can write letters, campaigns, build our community and march for? Hell yes we can! It baffles me completely why more is not being done to further the cause. So far the only thing close to resembling this is the Rainbow Crossing movement, and I don’t think I have to explain my feelings about that fiasco.

We are living in one of the most privilged and bountiful countries on the planet and it may seem a little selfish and egotistical to fight for equal marriage rights when comparing our problems to anyone else’s, but it does stand to reason that we should do more. As homosexuals we have become stereotyped by the media, forced to become comic relief rather than strong characters in society.

Before I keep drifting off topic here I wanted to pay homage to these trailblazers, these heroes who stood up so bravely in a society of hate and intolerance. We can never understand or fathom how hard this would have been. Being openly bashed and abused by the police, the very people who we are led to believe are there to protect us still baffles my brain and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for setting a shining example.

One of the most horrific stories is that of Peter Murphy who recently did an interview with about what happened to him that very first parade.

““They took me along a long corridor in the police station through a U-shaped route into a room and then just beat the hell out of me,” Mr Murphy told as part of our 30th anniversary Mardi Gras special.

“There were two police officers who did that – one in particular – bashing me with their fists in the head and saying ‘you’re not so smart now are you’.”

Mr Murphy said he was beaten solidly until a blow to the solar plexus floored him. He was thrown into a solitary cell where he could hear protesters gathered outside chanting his name.

“They tried to break my leg but fortunately the bones didn’t snap,” he said. “I was (literally) pissing my pants.”

I have never experienced anything like this and hope to never have to. As the brave men marched down Oxford Street and reached Darlinghurst Road where a police blockade was waiting for them and arrested 53 and were charged for being in an illegal procession, hindering police and resisting arrest.

When I marched in Mardis Gras I was not feeling threatened by the police, in fact they actually helped me when I fell over to get me off the road (teach me to try and walk in heels!)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mr Murphy and all the other brave pioneers who took a chance and walked Oxford Street with their heads held high, prepared to fight for what is right. Every year I try and reflect on this day what I can do to help my community and I hope that a post like this gets shared around for others to read and do the same. No matter where you are today, if you are reading this stop for a few minutes to thank these brave soldiers who will march on forever in our hearts.

Happy 35th Anniversary!

Children’s Literature – pardon my ignorance…

This semester at my university I started taking literary classes to study and look at writers and their work to gain a better understanding of how it works, with the hopes that this would improve my writing skills and my method’s behind it. 

This first semester I took Children’s Literature, a subject I have grown to love and adore. Not only is it a fascinating subject, my lecturer is exactly the kind of person that I want to be. She has an understanding for the traditional owners of this land, she has this natural cool style about her that is totally herself and no-one else. The kind of person that I respect and am glad that they are in the world. 

Apart from studying books and films, I have also learnt a lot about authors and how they create a body of work to push a certain agenda, something that I was blissfully unaware of (and happy to be!) but now realise that it is not a lovely, cozy group of besties who write books for children, they are writing for themselves and their ideas. 

Some of them are even writing to recapture their romantic ideals of childhood, when life was innocent and adventurous. When life hadn’t kicked them in the balls and turned them into bitter and cynical adults. Not all of them are like this though, and don’t worry I am not turning into one of them! 

I have learned about the Indigenous ignorance of author’s, fun words like “heteronormative”  (which has become one of my all favourites!) and how much children’s literature (and film) themes can effect how the child see’s the world and relates to other people. Something I never really considered until I studied this course. 

My lecturer was kind enough to read the portions of the book I have written so far and provided me with some valuable feedback, resources and most of all encouragement to keep going. I do not take this lightly at all, it is something that no-one has ever done for me before, especially having so much knowledge about the industry and field. 

A lot of people have given me a lot of negative feedback about my writing and abilities, I can definitely say that I have come along way and would like to thank them for being so negative, because you know what, you helped me get better. You gave me the determination to study my arse off and get better, so thank you. 

I will always keep learning, always keep growing and I feel like I am ready to power on with my children’s novel with a lot more knowledge and understanding of just how big an effect this will have on children’s lives. 


ANZAC Day Abroad

I was going to write my own ANZAC day post, but this is so beautifully written and made me grateful that I have beautiful friends like this in the world. Even though we don’t see each other that much, I still love reading about their adventures and really wish there were here on this day xoxo

Ryanie & Cole in Florida!

Hello! Guess who? You’ll never guess! Ok, it’s me. You were right….

For those who are reading who aren’t familiar, ANZAC Day (always on the 25th April) is one of Australia’s most important national occasions as it marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I. ANZAC stands for the ‘Australian and New Zealand Army Corps’ and soldiers in those forces quickly became known as the ANZACs. There was and is a tremendous amount of pride in the name.


When WWI broke out in 1914, Australia had only been a federal commonwealth for 13 years and our new government was eager to establish Australia among the other nations of the world. In 1915 the ANZAC soldiers formed part of the allied expedition that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula in order to open the Dardanelles (which is a…

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DIY Rainbow Crossings


A large movement at the moment is the DIY Rainbow Crossing that is sweeping Australia, and the world (apparently). It started out as a protest to the Sydney Council removing the rainbow crossing that was installed in Oxford Street, Sydney for Mardis Gras celebrations earlier this year. Every poof and lesbo seemed to be outraged at the thought of this temporary crossing being removed and started this as a protest. 

Now when I first initially heard of the crossing being painted over I honestly wasn’t too fussed, that was until I saw the images of council workers ripping up the street and filling it in with new tar and asphalt. The scenes of this angered me completely, it wasn’t a simply painting over, it was as if the council were ripping out the rainbow crossing and all memory of it . 

James Brecheny who is the mastermind behind the DIY Rainbow Crossing revolution, stated that when he did the first chalk rainbow, it was only over intended as a joke “I just thought it would be really funny to put on Facebook, I thought I’d get 50 Likes on my wall.”

Thousands of likes and messages later the DIY rainbow crossing movement began and what started as a protest became a message of love, equality and the big one, gay marriage. Now how does one get from crossing protest to gay marriage? I was confused by this so I did a little digging and here is what I found. 

DIY Rainbow Crossings are appearing everywhere, all over Australia and even in some places across the world. Since the DIY Rainbow Crossing project started New Zealand and France have amended their marriage laws to include the LGBT community, coincidence? I like to think not. 

While I personally do not want to spend my days hanging around streets with chalk, I do support what this group is trying to do. I personally think a better way to get the message out there is to get as much information on marriage laws and local council members as we can and actually putting together a protest against the current marriage laws and taking this to our local councils. 

I live in Newcastle, NSW which has been highlighted for our council Mayor ordering the removal of these rainbow crossings with pressure water hoses as soon as they are noticed. There are a couple of issues surrounding this that you may not be aware of. A local nightclub “Unity” decided to do their own DIY crossing outside their club, it was quite spectacular and was quickly removed by the council. The problem I have is that the nightclub owners also run a website ( and documented the removal on video camera and quoted themselves in the article. The owners then spread this across the internet as much as they could in what seems like a desperate grab for attention for their nightclub, maybe not so much for the actual cause itself. I would like to make one thing very clear, Nightclub promoters do not act on behalf of the community, they have a business that operates and makes them money. They promote the consumption of alcohol and ultimately are in it for the cash. This is something that has always disturbed me about these nightclub promoters claiming to be social activists, they are not helping the community in any way, rather providing another venue for alcohol and entertainment quality. 

While this is one element of a community, there are so many others that are more important that need to be addressed and included. ACON promote and host events for homosexuals as well as provided much needed health and wellbeing advice for the community as a whole.  As You Are is a social and support group for 15-20 year old homosexuals, COMAG is for the more mature men of our community who have regular lunches, annual parties and get togethers. The Hunter Gay Network is another social group for gay men aged 30+, Karumah is a support group for people living with HIV and their parents, families and friends. LLINC is a lesbian social group, open to all ages, NUSA is the university group with regular meetings and you don’t have to be a student to attend. PFLAG is the parents supportive group for Newcastle and Rainbow Visions who host many events and the annual picnic and festival for the queer community. All of these are community activists, providing places of support, counselling and friendship that held mould and support a community of people. If you want to find out how to get in touch with any of these groups please click here.

Going back to my original discussion, the DIY rainbow crossing movement is getting bigger and bigger, and while council may find ways to remove them, maybe a smarter and more effective way would be to actually speak to the Mayor, find out what his objections are and find a solution to raise awareness of the homophobia in our city council (if it actually exists!) and start implementing effective ways to combat it. 

I am challenging myself to get involved in my local community, I wish I had known about these groups when I was younger, it would have my situation a lot easier with some community support. If you are needing someone to talk to, or just don’t want to make friends of Grindr or at a sleazy club please get in touch with these groups and let’s make an effective and informed change in our town. 

The Happiness Jar



Happiness has been something that I have been actively pursuing over the past few years, particularly when I saw the film (and read the book) Eat Pray Love, a lot of you would know that this is how this blog got started and I attempted to find some sort of resolve and path to being a happier person. 

I went through a lot of turmoil and grief to get to the stage I am at today but lately I have realised that I have become extremely complacent with the stage I am at and unfortunately have turned into that whiney person who constantly whinges about everything (literally!) Not that I am extremely unhappy or depressed I am just bored and complacent. I find I am stopping myself mid-conversation all the time wondering why am I just rambling about my situation and sounding like an annoying, fat whiner? My friends don’t deserve to be subjected to this! Especially when in comparison I have a lot, I have nothing to really complain about so what can I do? 

Eat Pray Love was written by Elizabeth Gilbert who has become somewhat of a mentor to me, although I do not know her personally, I love her work, her talks, her ideals, they all speak to me and I feel if we did ever meet we would click and become lifelong friends (I swear I am not a crazy stalker!) Being a fan of her facebook page I kept seeing posts of people’s “Happiness Jars” beautifully decorated jars with slips of paper listing good things that had happened, reasons to be happy. I decided that I had to do this and include gratifications in mine. Putting things that I am grateful and happy for will keep me in check whenever my inner spoiled brat kicks in. 

My jar is clearly not that beautiful (clearly crafts are not my area of expertise) but I did the best with my limited talents and here it is, ready to be filled daily with things that I am happy and grateful for, and if I am ever in that frame of mind all I need to do is empty the jar, read the paper and snap out of it. 

I love this idea and knowing that other people around the world are doing it at the same time makes the idea more communal. If you are feeling unhappy, depressed or just a whiner like me try this out and see how you go. 











This weekend I made an impromptu, last minute decision to head to Surfers Paradise for the Easter long weekend, see my family and my beautiful cousin who I have yet to meet and have some well deserved fun after what has been a bitch of a year so far. The plan was three theme parks in three days, including a theatre show (Australian Outback Spectacular) and some much needed family time.

Movie World is definitely one of my favourite places in the world, it combines all my favourite DC Comics characters, themed rides and so much stuff to buy in the shops it is crazy. I am proud to say I was really restrained and did not buy a thing this time around (although my brain knows that next time I will buy double to make up for it!)

After a hard day at DreamWorld going on rides and looking at A LOT of Australian themed attractions we headed off to the Outback Spectacular. A dinner and show based on Australian history. I knew it was going to be camp but I was excited for it anyway. The show started and after a 5 second oh Aboriginals were here, the show began and focusing on the british fleet and skipped over the slaughter as if it never existed. When the Man From Snowy River and Phar Lap stuff started I was still outraged, I didn’t expect a re-enactment of the atrocity but some mention of it, or even an acknowledgement of the original inhabitants of the land we were on would have been respectful or at least half decent. It was like being in year 5 history were you learn the dreamtime stuff for 5 minutes and then Australian history begins with the arrival of the first fleet. This kind of ignorance just boils my blood, and although this show was showcasing horses, it could have handled it a bit better than what they did.

The more I think about it, the more I want to do those things that crazy people do. Write a letter, take it to Today Tonight and all of that crap but I won’t (and never would, let me make that clear!) It just made me think in a lot of ways we have come so far with trying to make sense of what happened in our past with the Aboriginal people and nothing we could ever say or do will ever make up for the near extinction of this beautiful culture, we can try to move forward and pave a better tomorrow.

Enough of the heavy stuff, the rest of the holiday was somewhat interesting and while I am very glad to be home I can say that everybody needs a break at some point and this was just what I needed to refresh and recharge my batteries. I hope wherever you are you had an amazing easter and took some time to spend with your family and loved ones.




How HSM saved my life


For those that are new to this blog or to my writing (ramblings) you would know the struggle that I had with alcohol, how this affected my friends, family and entire wold and the drastic measures I took to fix it. 

Those of you who do not I decided to write this little summary of gratitude and thanks to the many people who helped me kick this habit and explain my journey and what has changed in my life. 

I started Hello Sunday Morning in 2012 and made a 12 month commitment to eliminating alcohol’s control over my life and as the title suggests greeting every Sunday morning bright and early with purpose and drive. Sounds easy and cheery doesn’t it? Honestly it was the hardest, most frustrating and rewarding thing I have ever done. 

Consider this before 2012 I would go out to clubs every friday and saturday night, spending up to $300 per weekend just on alcohol. Coming home completely intoxicated, waking up and then doing it all again. Monday nights were Mexican Mondays and always involving tequila, margeritas, sangria and Corona’s and lime. Tuesday and Wednesday was just a few glasses of wine at night and Thursday would be pub meal and beers to make Friday a hazy day of seediness before the big weekend parties. 

During my “party phase” I did horrible things from smashing chairs, yelling, swearing loudly, pushing people, constant array of vomiting at friends houses, in their garden, falling down in the gutter and generally making me look like a big pile of human trash. 

Then my friend started a HSM and told me about how much it had changed her life for the better and after hitting rock bottom I decided I would give it a go and see where it left me. The problem for me was the only friends I had were heavy drinkers, they could down just as much as I could and taking myself out of that drinking culture was destined to shake up my friends circle and I had to prepare myself for the fallout. 

2012 started with New Years Day on the beach in Newcastle with fruit, crossaints and coffee in a thermos, I wasn’t drunk from the night before (but I had some wine to say goodbye, but nothing o.t.t) I sat on the beach with my friends talking about the year that was to come and thinking to myself “oh shit, the change I am in for it going to be huge!” it sounded fun and easy at the time, we laughed about how I would be the boring one now I was going off the alcohol. Little did I know that my laughing about what I would be doing was extremely short lived. 

I spent my Saturday nights trying to convince my friends to do other things besides drinking, dinner, movies, bowling, beach, ANYTHING but seriously who was I kidding, no-one was interested, they all had their own thing going on and the fact that I removed myself from it was puzzling to them. 

After a month and a half of being sober everything started to rise to the surface, emotions, feelings, situations that I had not resolved but instead stifled with the constant stream of alcohol and I found myself at breaking point. I would cry and cry for days and not turn to alcohol to console me. I went to counselling sessions and was even on anti-depressants for a while to control everything that was happening to me. My body was begging me to just have a few glasses and silence the pain for a few hours, yet it was during these times that I developed an inner strength. My will power to see this thing through, not give in and keep going was growing stronger and stronger, at the time I could not feel it and I wanted to give up but this tiny shred of willpower kept me going. 

Things turned pretty rough one day when I found myself on top of a mountain (literally!) screaming and crying, I spent the day on this beautiful green mountain top with my thoughts, some music and a pen and paper. This was the day when my healing began and the little pieces of my heart and soul that felt ripped and abused began mending themselves and I felt my strength and courage begin to return. 

Everything became clearer, my mind processed everything that was happening and allowed me to return to some sense of normalcy. It was then that my body decided to give out, I spent several weeks in bed and on the couch unable to move. I have never been that sick in my entire life and as I vomited and cried it was like my body was spewing forth (sorry!) all of the pain, all of the loneliness and bad feelings that had once lived there. 

It was around this time that I started losing friends, people started to think that I was “unreliable” saying no to a lot of things or backing out at the last minute because I didn’t want to put myself in a place of alcoholic temptation and be that weird guy who doesn’t drink. 

I did have a couple of friends who stuck by me and to them I will be eternally grateful for sticking with me and understanding why I had to do this. Finally after what seemed like an age of pain and sorrow I began to get better. I spent my Sunday mornings at the local farmers markets buying fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers for myself like I was in mourning, catching up with people who had moved on from the drinking life and started families that I had lost touch with and I began to feel content. 

The year came to an end and I was at peace with myself, I had dealt with my emotions and managed to find a way to exist without being dependent on alcohol to have a good time, or to become a better person. It is now 2013 and I renewed my HSM for another 12 months and now I can have a glass of wine with dinner or at a party and it no longer controls me. 

I am still very guarded around alcohol but I will never get back to that trashy stage again and I would like to publicly thank a few people by name for their assistance on my journey. For putting up with the teary phone calls, checking up on me, talking me down off the mountain and just loving me for what I wanted to achieve, your support has been incredible and I can never thank you enough.

Thanks to Naomi Graham, Kale Edwards, Kirk Ellis, Kirk Muddle, Dante St James, Tim Newell, Nicole and Ryan Lawler, Mama Deb and Pete Frater, Hannah Bird, Sonia Veltruski,my fellow HSM’ers who commented on my posts and gave me positive reinforcement and hash truths when I needed it and lastly to Chris Raine who started the HSM website, you have no idea the impact you have had on my life and the better person I am today because of it. Thank you for being so bold, so brave and so generous. 

If you want a change in your life, I really recommend Hello Sunday Morning, jump on the website, register yourself and join a supportive community that will help you change your life. 

March Madness

So it’s another month and we are already a quarter of the way through 2013! An update on me, a lot has changed, a lot has not. For a start I have moved back in with my parents, which is a little challenging but good for the wallet. I am currently casually DJ’ing which is an interesting career change, I do love it I just wish there was more work to keep me going. 

In every facet of my life I am happy, mentally, spiritually, content. I am off the anti-depressants and working on getting my body back, it is a lot easier to say than to do, especially when there is so much good food around. 

I have been on a few dates, which is something that I have not dared to do for a few years now (as most of you would know) and I am loving it. It’s like I have reached the stage of my life and everything is just coasting along beautifully.

I am back at uni studying in my LAST year of my degree and have clarity on the type of job I want when I finish and what kind of internship I should take. I have an impending trip to the USA to visit my beautiful friends who I am missing terribly, not being able to get in the car and go and see them sucks but they are having the time of their lives…well Nicole is while Ryan studies hard. 

My entertainment blogs are taking off and I have established relationships with some movie companies this year who are bombarding us with invitations to premieres and I am so thankful for their support and encouragement. I have weeded out the friends and influences who were bringing me down and found out about some horrible two faced people that I should not be hanging around anymore, and while they are fun to hang around, they are not the best to have in my life. 

I threw away my old book that was posted on here, it wasn’t my voice, it wasn’t me, it was something I was trying to force out and I have actually started work on a horror novel, which is the complete opposite direction but I am loving it and finding that I am a better writer than I originally thought, definitely than when I started out! 

Anyway just thought I would type in a little update for me.

Getting cool at the public pool

For those international readers today temperatures rose in Australia to be the highest in recorded history. Locally it reached 42 degreed (Celsius) so I spent the majority of my day indoors, washing my car and holding off on the air conditioner as long as I could. Even now as I am typing this at 9:30pm it’s still 35 degrees!

My recent Christmas and new year break allowed me to spend time with people whose opinion I regard highly and who can be completely honest with me. It can be confronting but it is what I need at times, and these people, one in particular my aunty who resides in Hammamatsu in Japan is one of the most inspiring and incredible woman I have ever met.

We chatted at lengths about my recent job loss, my increased weight gain and addiction to material possessions which I am ashamed to say has spiraled out of control. I was really upset about losing my job and how I felt like a real chapter of my life is over. The great thing is I am no longer working for a greedy health insurance company sticking the life out of its employees and ripping off their customers. I have come to the realisation that I have a pattern, I have tried for so many years to fit into the life of the 9-5 job, the house , the car, living off credit and keeping up with the times. I tried to do this with my ex and failed miserably, I tried to do it by myself and failed miserably so as my inspiring aunt pointed out why am I still trying to fit in with this lifestyle?

Now let me be clear there is nothing wrong with this lifestyle, if it works for you that’s great and I’m happy for you, but I am not one of those, I am a creative type who needs room to breathe, I am trying to do a degree that encourages hype and sensationalizing things that really don’t need to be done. So I asked myself what am I doing? Why am I doing this? Do i need this seemingly useless degree?

I want to write things that encourage and inspire people, I want to take people on journeys to places they have never been and experience new things. I want to go out and see the world and wrote amazing things, but I cant do that if i am sitting on my ass expecting everything to come to me.

Where am I going with this? Glad you asked my aunty told me about all of the amazing things she did when she went through a similar crisis at a similar age. She sold most of her things and went as far north as she could, worked her way around Queensland at resorts and tour guides helping people and finding out just exactly who she was. It was through this that led her to journeys to India and Japan to meet her Japanese husband pursue a degree and job in art in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I don’t want to follow this same path but the nature of it appeals to me on so many levels.

Many afternoon walks and encouragement from my aunty while I threw every excuse under the sun I could, I finally succumbed to the fact that I have to do a similar thing in my life. So I am currently planning my departure from Newcastle and transition to a different life. My plan is to head to Brisbane first spend some time with my family there and head to the Whitsundays and spend some time in paradise. Working on a resort in a place of beauty and I can get a lot of writing done and meet new people.

A big part of my journey is getting my body back. The anti-depressants made me stack on the weight (another fact that everyone loved pointing out over Christmas) so with the help of my best friend I am on a mission to get my body back. Increasing exercise a lot, eating better than I have been and leaving my house a lot more will help move this along. I am already feeling the changes 2 weeks in.

Today we abandoned our regular hour and a half walk for a 2 hour swim at the local pool. It has been a while since I have been swimming, as I descended down the stairs of the side and into the water I could feel my body sinking to the bottom. What was wrong with me? I used to be able to swim and float perfectly what had happened?

As my body finally supported itself in the water I started to relax and actually enjoy myself. I used to laugh at crazy fit gym freaks who said that exercise makes you happy, but this time I actually agreed and felt alot better about myself than I have in a long time.

I am already writing a lot more this year and I am really pleased with what is coming out of my writings. I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year.