Wagna – A short story

The Blonsky race are new to this world. They appeared in the west and settled in the East. They are descendants of the great Elves of Westingmarsh, a brave and noble race, dedicated to the protection of the Wagna. It is considered to be the ultimate treasure. For thousands of years many warriors and soldiers have sought it. None have ever come close to finding it, for Elves are mystics and the Elves of Westingmarsh where particularly blessed with magical ability. It’s not something that they have been taught, or passed down generation to generation. It was born within them, like a magical ball, it enveloped them and filtered through their blood, entwining with their veins.
The Elves of Westingmarsh where deeply respected in their land, for they are fierce hunters, traditionally Elves are vegetarian, but not this race. They where born with the instinct for meat, which they would hunt and eat red raw and dripping. Often people regard this as a sign of “savage” or “evil” but the Elves of Westingmarsh where far from it. The women of the race where considered to be beauties of the land. Both creatures and men would travel far and wide to get a glimpse of their natural beauty. They knew they could never touch or would even have a chance, as Elves stayed within their own race, and married within their tribes. The women would spend all day working on themselves and taking care of the household, while the men either hunted or taught the young.

For many years the Elves of Westingmarsh lived in peace with all other races, but one day that changed. A rising evil in the North came to descend upon the race and attempt to steal the Wagna and eradicate the Westingmarsh tribe. Their attempt was successful and the Elves diminished and where never heard from again. The evil that rose bears the name of Klagnaar a violent and greedy creature with the face of a goblin and the body of a Gryphon.

It wasn’t until five thousand years later that the Blonsky race appeared. Three quarters elf, one quarter Klagnaar, They came from the Great Western Caves in tens of thousands and inhabited the land, like a plague of locusts harvesting the land and building homes high in the trees. The homes where made of a mixture of vines, mud and tree roots and branches that look almost like a leafy wasp nest. Unlike their ancestors the Blonsky race only ate fruit and vegetables. Their favourite being green leafy skai lettuce that was only found deep in the forests, often encased in ice, this was considered a delicacy in the Blonsky race. It is hard to describe what a Blonsky looks like as they differ from one to the next. The majority are tall and thin, some would consider stick-like, looking mostly like an under-fed elf, with hair. Blonsky’s where blessed with an unusual amount of hair, all over their bodies, it would just appear, some where very modest and would cut it off, or rip it out using fresh sap from a weeping tree, others embraced the idea and became hippy-like in their appearance.

From their inception the Blonsky race where non-magic folk. Unlike their ancestors they where born with no natural magical instincts or special powers, which was highly unusual for descendants of elves. It wasn’t until the Blonsky’s had been settled for 200 years that one of the elder folk found magic in the forest one day, a pack of Blonskys where searching the forest for food, searching every fern and leaf in search of the infamous skai lettuce. An elder by the name of Jonatha stumbled upon a large hole in the ground that was filled with magical energy. Jonatha plunged his walking stick down into the light and swirled it around. A great energy and light crept up the walking stick and filled his being with a new sense of enlightenment and power, as the light and magic swirled around his scrawny body the light and power shot a beam into the sky that reached beyond the clouds surface and radiated in the heavens above. Several Klagnaar where hovering nearby and shielded their eyes from the light, they could feel the magic pulsing through their veins drawing them closer. The three Klagnaar named Horvath, Bettina and Klagnaare headed towards the light, their gigantic feathered wings vaulting them closer and closer to the light. As they approached the borders of the Blonskys fortress their wings clipped right through the leafy camouflage, shattering the protective wall, as Klagnaare zoned in on Jonathana with a screeching sound echoing through the Blonsky village, a sound that none had heard before they crumbled to the ground in fear and time stood still for a single moment. As Klagnaare surveyed the Blonsky’s for the first time his eyes met with Jonathana’s with pure hatred and loathing. As they surveyed each other Jonathana raised the stick above his hand and swung it around his head, the magic swirling off the tip creating a shield over him and the other Blonskys hiding on the ground. Klagnaare bared his teeth and attempted to move towards Jonathana but the shield was too strong. As he bounced off the shield he shouted “Who are you?” “We are who we are, who are you and why do you ask?” replied Jonathana. “I am Klagnaare son of Klaganore of the Klagnaar race we seek power and magic, now answer my question, what are you?”

Jonathana took a deep breath summoning all the confidence all he could and said with a strong deep voice “I am Jonathana elder of the Blonsky race, we have been here for years and do not seek anything outside our race or the borders of our land” Klagnaare stared Jonathana down leaving a good moments silence before responding “I want this power and I will stop at nothing to get it, surrender it to me now and we will leave peacefully causing no more harm to your village” Forcing a half smile on his scaly crooked face Jonathana took a breath, slammed his stick on the ground creating a magic pulse that knocked Klagnaare back forcing him to fly into the air “We will never surrender to you” shouted Jonathana into the air, Klagnaare circled twice overhead where the magic shield extended so he couldn’t pierce it anymore, turning around Klagnaare flew away salivia and mud dripping from his scaly chops.

As Jonathana surveyed the damage done to the village he suddenly had an urge to point his stick at the broken walls and foliage, as he did this the leaves, branches and debris flew into the air, intertwining together with the new magic creating a shield that is impenetrable to any living creature that is not of Blonsky decent. Jonathana turned around and addressed the rest of the Blonsky race “We have a new existence, for years we have existed inside our borders with no reason to step outside and explore; now however I fear we will need to protect this magic, this power for the rest of our lives.” The other Blonskys looked and murmured to each other in agreement, Jonathana gathered his two most trusted friends Rooney and Ros’e around him in a semi-circle “What do we do?” asked Rooney “We have never seen anything else other than unicorns for hundreds of years!” Ros’e said nervously “I don’t know what this magic is or what it can do but I have a feeling it must be protected and that Klagnaare thing will use it for evil, his eyes are extremely untrusting” said Jonathana trying to sound as convincing as he could. As Jonathana turned from his two compadres he looked at the rest of the Blonskys, dazed, confused and startled they stumbled around the hollow with a look of sheer terror on their faces. “Friends, family please listen to me” stated Jonathana “We will get through this, we have this new shield that will protect us from the outside world and any that try to penetrate it, for now go back to your lives as they where” with a smile Jonathana turned around and headed towards the crack in the ground where the magic was emanating from, when he arrived the light and flow had quad tripled in size, a small sapling was peeking out of the ground with the magic and light flowing through the top and into the sky. “Leader of the Blonsky tribe?” an authoritative voice appeared in Jonathana’s head. He looked around curiously but could not see anyone or anything, he leant into the sapling and whispered “Yes?” “I am not the sapling, I am Wagna in your tongue, you cannot see me, no-one can” said the voice still in Jonathana’s head “Why can I only hear you in my head?” questioned Jonathana

“I communicate through telekinesis as I am a astral being, I have no physical form, I can only manifest through my magic as you can no doubt see, you will be the only Blonsky who can hear my voice” explained Wagna. “You will need to be strong, Klagnaar are a strong race and will stop at nothing to possess me and take over the world destroying everything in it, no matter what happens you must never give me up and I will harness my magic to protect your borders.” Jonathana smiled and questioned “Should I tell the others about you?”

“They wouldn’t understand or think you where crazy, either way choose carefully if you have to” warned Wagna.

As Jonathana walked away he mulled these thoughts over in his head, protecting the village would be easy with Wagna doing most of the work, but keeping morale amongst the Blonskys would prove to be extremely difficult. Rooney walked up to Jonathana and said “I think we have to think bigger, our defences have to be better, we have to find some way to keep them out, forever so they can never take it.”
“I agree Rooney, we have to build more physical defences as well, round up the men and let’s do this!” proclaimed Jonathana. Rooney and Ros’e gathered the men together and began forming walls made out of sticks with rocks weaved around them “Dip the sticks into the crevice” Wagna advised to Jonathana, as they Blonskys followed this instruction they sticks began to bend and curve, twisting around each other creating an impenetrable wall, when they had wound around each other the wall rose and multiplied around the borders of the Blonsky land, extending the shield, a mighty cheer rose up from the Blonsky race.

Meanwhile Klagnaare was pacing the muddy flats a few metres away from the border of the Blonsky land forming a plan that would work, a way to penetrate the magic shield that rejected his presence. As he was convinced he was out of options, a unicorn circled the clouds and descended into the Blonsky land gliding through the magic shield with no harm. Klagnaare licked his lips, turned his head to the left and shouted “FORWARD!” Horvath and Bettina followed in tow as they flapped their powerful wings towards the clouds, Klagnaare bit the neck of the nearest unicorn and followed its fall to the ground, Horvath and Bettina did the same, as they arrived on the ground all 3 devoured the meat and bones of the unicorn and started working their way inside the unicorns body creating a coat like appearance. The final part of the process is to insert the unicorn horn into the front of the brain, I won’t go into too much description as it may disturb you, it truly is the most horrific thing one can do.

As the unicorns horn intertwined with the Klagnaar’s brain the skin of the unicorn closed in around the Klagnaar giving the appearance of a unicorn. As the three headed back towards the Blonsky land smiling and trying to look gay they snickered sneakily as they penetrated the wall with ease.

The Blonsky children immediately surrounded the three, brushing the tail, patting their sides, offering lumps of sugar and grass. Klagnaare thought to himself that this was not going to be as easy as he thought. As the three headed closer to the sapling Wagna quickly warned Jonathana “Quick, someone is here, I fear it may be Klagnaare” he quickly made his way to the sapling with Rooney and Ros’e forming a tight circle around it. As the three approached with caution the children felt the tension in the air and stepped back. “Clever disguises, but they do not fool us” proclaimed Joanthana “You will NEVER take this magic from us, if you leave now peacefully we will not kill you” said Jonathana staring Klagnaare right between the eyes. “You do not know the extent of our power, you will not attack us, we will take this sapling, harness this magic and eradicate you in a matter of seconds” guffawed Klagnaare. “Point your stick at Klagnaare’s face then stomp it on the ground” said Wagna, as Jonathana did this the horn and skin of the unicorn started detaching from Klagnaare’s body. As the skin melted off his scaly wings and torso he let out a scream as his body melted, the magic filling his pore’s and tearing him from the inside out.

As Klagnaare’s body disappeared into thin air Jonathana pointed his stick at the other two and they quickly vanished. As the Blonskys began to cheer the sapling started to pulsate, a gigantic trunk shot out of the ground with branches growing and golden leaves bursting their way out creating a blinding light for a moment, as the light subsided the Blonskys observed the beautiful tree “This is now my legacy to you, protect the tree at all costs, do not let the Klagnaar race have it, more will come looking for their lost, no matter what protect the tree” Wagna advised the Blonsky tribe, he had now evolved and could speak publically. The Blonskys blinked in amazement and started cheering, some started hugging Wagna, a great song echoed throughout the land. The Blonsks knew they would dedicate their lives and their children’s lives to protecting Wagna at any costs. Jonathana gathered his two friends around “Today we make a binding agreement, no-one will ever hurt Wagna or take it, we will fight to protect him at all costs” The three looked at each other with a new sense of unity and purpose which stayed with them until the end of their days.


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