Convenient Love

For many years we have toyed with the idea “a marriage of convenience” Both together legally but not romantically.
We do this for many difference reasons. Comfort, Security, Fear, To stop your family from finding out the truth, to stay in the country, whatever reason we have for doing this, is it truly right? ? In the end does the truth always come out and conquer all??

My friend Douglas aka “Twitch” has been in a marriage of convenience for 2 years now. It’s the perfect scene, his father is big in the mortgage industry and has an inheritance worth millions. Twitch decided to marry an asian bride as she needed to stay in the country and Twtich couldn’t tell his family that deep down he really liked boys and would lose this inheritance if daddy dearest ever found out.

He created the picture perfect lifestyle for the two of them. No alcohol so neither of them could get drunk and spill the beans, No public displays of affection, this would also leave them both open for “other options.”

I never imagined that this kind of life existed or that it would be rewarding or even believable. Twitch started working with me and everybody had their doubts. Married at 18, very naive and stupid, tries to buy everyone’s friendship and had the most annoying personality I have ever come across.

I decided to do a little research and find out why this couple do what they do, and how they act when they are together. Twitch would always leave her out of conversations, make decisions for her like order for her in restaurants. I don’t think he realised that this was the most obvious sign of them all. What respecting woman would allow a man to do this? None I know!
It became extremely clear to me this was definitely wrong one drunken night at my house (me being the only intoxicated one), Twitch was lying on the bed next to me, he jumped up, straddled my back and began giving me a really intense massage. The asian bride just sat there watching with eyes of fury, it was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. As his hands delved deeper into my back, I realised that no matter how “convenient”, one person always gets attached.

From this evening on, the looks Twitch gave me where full of hidden meanings and dark purposes. A hug here, a kiss there, awkward moments full of double tractions, it made me wonder…Does love conquer all or can we live a life of “convenience”, everything seems to be convenient these days. A starbucks on every corner, you can get a good meal at anytime in the city, you can even microwave a full gourmet meal at home in under 10 minutes, but have we really gone so far to include convenient love?

Through all of this I have discovered that a marriage of convenience or “convenient love” will never be a valid form of relationship or resemblance of a life. We make relationships to be happy and fulfilled, not to be trapped, or to run away from our current situation. Love does conquer all and Twitch and the Asian bride may realise this later on in life, but if not they know they can always zap it in the microwave and enjoy their lukewarm existence.


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