Marriage at first glance….

Weddings…got me thinking…how special are they and why are they so important? Do you really need another fankless tradition to define your relationship? Or is it true, a public declaration of your feelings for your significant other? This got me thinking. Its not what you say, its what you do. Saying that you will love and cherish through thick and thin, for better or for worse are just empty words. You can mean it all you want up there on the altar. But when your husband loses his job and you have no money and the bills are piling up, do you still feel the same? When you find out your wife has cheated on you with your best friend and things are for the worse, do your feelings change?

Marriage has always been a big thing in my family, we have had 5 of them so far. A wedding certificate and public declaration have lost their meaning. When your relationship is going through the ringer and you stand by your partner that is marriage, when they do something wrong and you forgive and forget, that is marriage! So in times of now when we like to throw tradition out the window, why don’t we do that with weddings? I know what your thinking, OMG NO! ! Weddings should be at the 3 year anniversary of the relationship. When you can truly say we have been through the ringer, through good times and bad, I can honestly say that I will stick with you no matter what happens, we have been through so much already and we can do life together no matter what comes at us.

Call me a cynic, but this is TRUE love, and real life. So many marriages break-down because of this. Most people believe its because people have sex before marriage. I think that notion went out with the 60’s. Life as humans evolves and grows. we don’t stick to the same thing for years and years and years. We constantly change and grow.Sex should be fun and a great expression of feelings. Why does it matter if you have a ring on your finger or not?

So many people are lobbying for all kinds of marriages these days and I’m sure that very soon anyone will be able to marry anyone regardless of race or gender (which is the way it should be). Will it change anything? probably not, we live in a disposable generation where life is fun and nothing is serious. Why stay in a marriage when you can go and get divorced tomorrow, it’s that easy!


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