To PC or not PC

No I’m not referring to computers, I am talking about the lines of what is and what is not politically correct. To be completely honest I hate this phrase, I think it is something designed by soccer mums to “think of the children.” While I have nothing against children I think the state of parents today is alarming (but that is an entirely another discussion). Politically Correct or “PC” is to tone down your opinions as not to offend anyone which is so easy to do these days. I honestly wish we could just wind back the clock sometimes to a simpler time where you could have your opinions and not be scrutinized by a “rights” group.

We all have friends from different backgrounds, socio-economic areas that differ from ours and sometimes it’s hard to see past this. Friends take offense to an opinion you have that is different from theirs, don’t like something you say, think that your actions are inappropriate. This can lead to debate, which often turns into hostility and can turn friendships into controversial and complex situations. How do we allow our friends to have their say without pushing their agenda onto ours and ultimately bull-dozing our opinion?

I have friends that are bull-dozers, I don’t feel like I can be honest about my opinion because I’m then rail-roaded and then labeled as a “insensitive pig” or a “bitch” This has often led to being pushed out of their lives which leads me to the question “Where they ever really my friend in the first place?” and “How immature must they be?”

Yes all friendships go through rough patches but that’s the nature of it. Friendship is tough, it’s hard, it’s complicated.
Having to silence or tone down your opinion is not being “PC” it’s the removal of your voice, women feel this way, gay and lesbians feel this way, ethnic minorities feel this way and while they have valid arguments (sometimes) this is something that every person deals with in everyday life.

I for one like having my voice heard and refuse to submit to this “PC” existence. I have come to a point in my life where if I say something and it offends you, GOOD! It means I have made you think not only about my opinion but about yours. No-one deserves to have their mouth covered with tape. Sometimes we need to stop this “PC” nonsense and just say what’s on our mind.

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