Show over!

Last week heralded the annual “Newcastle Show” over the last few years since the show was “reinvented” it has gradually been detirating slumping to a new low this year. The showbags where distilled down to two stands from six and excluded the popular “Bertie Beetle” from last year, the rides where abismal to the point of three being exactly identical. We where once again “entertained” by The Toyota V6 Hilux Heroes who really need to learn some new tricks. Watching the same stunts four years in a row (to the point where you can provide accurate commentary of what’s coming up) is quite sad and in desperate change of a change and revamp if they are to return next year.

The introduction of the motorcross stunt exhibition was quite entertaining and provided a nice break in the program, another high point was the official opening with Bondi Vet Chris Brown re-telling some stories from the show when he was a child. Greater Union advertised an “outdoor movie experience” that ended up being a small window sized movie inside the Entertainment Centre which alot of people where quite disappointed with “I was expecting an outdoor movie as advertised, my television at home from 1984 is bigger than that!” quoted a Show attendee. Whilst these where the negatives on the up-side entry was only $10 this year for all ages which was quite a drop and definitely reflected the quality of the attractions this year.

Fireworks have always been a great display at the show, this year was no exception however this year you couldn’t help but feel that a better way to spend that money would be to donate it to Newcastle’s sister city in Japan Ube, Yamaguchi to help with the earthquake and tsunami relief.

I went to the public to ask them about what they think would make the show better some comments where “Not enough costumed characters Prime Possum, Big Dog etc” Also maybe some live music or headline performer like Guy Sebastian, Vanessa Amorosi or Jessica Mauboy to draw crowds in and offer a point of difference or maybe a Food & Wine tasting could improve interest in the show.

Overall the show has nearly reached the end of it’s life as it is now, without a serious revamp I’m afraid the show cannot operate as it is and needs to improve to regain Newcastle’s interest and keep it viable for the next decade.


One thought on “Show over!

  1. Sounds like Maitland show was better than Newcastle.
    We have alot of rides, and about 10 showbag stands.
    It cost me $20 to get in a family of 4, which I feel was a little expensive considering the rides were between $8 and $10.
    The days of being able to take your family and have a good night without spending at least $300 are long gone!!

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