Four months ago I read online about fans and devotees to author Elizabeth Gilbert taking up the “Eat Pray Love” challenge and changing their lives. When I first saw the movie I thought it was ok, upon a second viewing and reading the book I saw the attraction and became obsessed. I read blog entries, news articles and youtube videos of people who have changed their lives in a year. For three months feeding their bodies, minds and soul with the pursuit of pleasure, then four months of staple food, simple living, less reliant on technology and centering yourself, and finally a focus on love, more specifically sharing and finding love all around you and your life. I know most of you are rolling your eyes thinking this is insane and incredibly pathetic but I can see the benefits and adjusting it to fit my lifestyle.

For the last three months I have been feeding myself, eating whatever I want without remorse or guilt which may sound incredibly unhealthy and yes it kind of is. I learnt how to make myself happy with food, by this I mean eating whatever I want provides a comfort and a sense of freedom and a revulsion of the thin, image obsessed society we live in. I never understood this until I did it for myself.

Last week it became clear to me just how challenging my next few months would probably be. As I ate my last croissant and coffee for breakfast on Friday I started thinking about the fruit and porridge I would be eating next week and started to dread it. How could I put my body and mind through such a change especially with the option of a croissant and coffee right in front of me.

Dolce Far Niente is defined as the sweetness of doing nothing. Over the last four months I have discovered that whilst working two jobs and attending university I always make time for Dolce Far Niente and it is still my favourite thing to do. No TV, No internet, no phone just me and my thoughts, sounds dangerous doesn’t it? I have learnt this habit and will be taking it with me in my next four month adventure.

Tomorrow fares the start of the next phase of my journey, I will be writing more about it as the weeks progress, I’m sure it will be entertaining for you to hear about my torture, but I’m choosing to look at it as a positive change, progression towards balance that I have been seeking for so long. Bon Apettit!


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