Before I start no I am not referring to the abominable Kelly Rowland song *shudder* The last couple of weeks in my uni classes I have been feeling incredibly unmotivated, doing classes I have no interest in, being marked on things that I just honestly do not care about. I found this also took a toll on my writing, being in a “professional writing class” and receiving just pass marks is quite disorientating.

I haven’t written much this week and I know this is the reason. Yesterday I sat down and thought about what I really want out of life and what am I doing to change things instead of complaining all the time.

I am changing degrees pending my acceptance next semester. Tomorrow I go back to work a place where I feel unappreciated and know there are people out to get me, so the choice I have to make is to remain positive, keep my head up and keep going.

My motivation is knowing that one day somebody somewhere will love what I write and my career will begin, till then I have to work head and keep my head down and know that this is my motivation.



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