Re-discovering Paris

On the weekend I really got stuck into reading a book called “The Hundred Foot Journey” a story about an indian chef who moved to Paris with his family and became a French chef with an extremely successful restaurant.

As I drooled over the pages I quicky came to realise that I needed an “Eat” weekend. Sunday morning I woke at 6:30am to swoon out to the kitchen to slather some beef madallions in plum shiraz sauce with rosemary and thyme and put into the fridge. After a long shower I headed to the farmers markets where I found the most succulent Californian Pomegranates. As I handed over my three dollars for the two red gems my attention was turned to the vegetables, the corn was swoddled in green leaves and looked to inviting to leave in the basket. I reached for three along with sone green beans and carrots.

When I got home after some restrained shopping I begun whipping cream with vanilla extract and raw sugar, as the two blended together the aroma was incredible, filling the kitchen with the sweet raw scent that made my mouth water. As the whipped cream was spooned into the cosmopolitan glasses my knife slit the juicy pomegranate down the middle exposing the innner seeds.

Each seed glistening in the sunlight I couldn’t help but smile, weeks of “Pray” had left me desperate for something different and decidant. I grabbed the wooden spoon and begun pounding the back of the fruit forcing the pink glistening seeds onto the top of the whipped cream with flecks of red juice dribbing down the top, the very idea of balance and what I expected this journey to be was completely shaken. Was I aiming too high? This was easy for Liz Gilbert she was in an ashram in India with limited access to this kind of luxury, could I keep going knowing that this temptation was so accessible?

Sunday night as the deserts where devoured the cream forming a thick lining around my stomach I was in complete heaven, I felt like my body had been filled with something amazing that had re-ignited my determination for balance. Life is always hard, there are many temptations that will come into our path attempting to make our world crazy but it’s up to us howwe react and the decisions we make.


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