Apologies for Apathy

I am sorry for my lack of updates this week, it has been quite full on and I found it easy to blame the holidays…so now I’m back on board! I think one of wisdom teeth has grown through, it is really causing me pain or it’s just really sensitive either way it is extremely annoying.

Tonight I watched a preview for a new tv show called “The Voice” being an ex-singer I was intrigued and the gay in me was attracted to Christina Aguilera & Adam Lavine as coaches on the show. Unlike Idol and X Factor the judges do not see the person when they walk out, they just hear the voice and then decide if they like them or not, this is an amazing concept in a world we are submitted to vocally challenged artists it will be great to see this change with a show that encourages “the voice”.

I know this has nothing to do with my “Eat Pray Love” challenge but I just wanted to put my opinion out there! I am finding it extremely challenging to get writing at the moment, I am working on a short story for a writing competition and the short story will be a prelude to my young adult novel. I awoke the other night scared out of my mind as I had just dreamt the scene where a character dies, after plotting out their life and importance to the story it was brutal, it was like actually seeing someone I know die. I am hoping that this rambling blog post will help my writing pick up again (I hope my editor is not reading this!)

Like most Sunday mornings I went to the farmers markets again and find myself buying more food to eat there than to actually take home, a spanish lady makes “Epanyadas” I cannot describe accurately just how amazing these delicacies are. Its a pocket that tastes a bit like a taco, neither hard nor soft, filled with chicken mince, potato and carrot with this amazing pickled lettuce sauce that runs everywhere but the satisfaction from the food is worth it. I had two this morning and as a result over did it on my exercise this afternoon to try and compensate. Back to regular regime tomorrow even though holidays are still here for 2 days.

If you are reading this please scroll up to the top of the page and click on the Vote for me button in the Sydney Writers Centre Blogs of 2011. On Friday a friend was surprised I hadn’t told many people I don’t like to self promote and “brag” as such but I think this is something to be celebrated and embraced and I finally realised that no-one tells you that you are a writer, you just are one. Please vote!

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