5 kgs down!

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter holiday as much as I am, I have amazing news! Since starting my “Pray” challenge I have lost 5 kilograms and am under 100kg again! Yes this is a ego post but I am so happy!

Taking eating back to it’s simplest forms and eliminating the fast food and instant meals we are bombarded with has proven that you CAN lose weight and if you do it slowly it works.

When I started this challenge I was concerned about my eating habits, whilst I haven’t been extremely strict the reduction in my junk and fast food consumption has dropped dramatically. I had McDonalds the other day and about 2 hours later was in the toilet bringing it back up (not by force mind you) but the sheer grease and fat was too much for my stomach to handle. Before this challenge I could eat McDonalds quite easily every day and be ok (I know I did try!)

So what’s my secret you ask? Take food back to it’s simplest form is the basis of the “Pray” challenge, cook a lot of meals yourself using mainly vegetables, increase your fruit intake and water. It sounds simple and basic but it works! My housemate bought a game for the Playstation 3 called “EA Sports Active 2” and unlike Wii Fit this game makes you sweat in proper full on work outs that have been helping the weight loss cause as well as Singstar Dance. I am not one for going to the gym or outdoors stuff so this suits me perfectly and is obviously working.

I resisted all chocolate this Easter! At work we had a Secret Easter Bunny (which turned out to be not so secret) where I was given a generous slab of Max Brenner Dark Chocolate. I am saving this for a rainy day where I can melt it down and make it into an amazing desert. I rewarded myself this Easter with new clothes! I went on a day trip to Sydney with my best friends and bought new clothes in smaller sizes that fit perfectly. It is such an amazing feeling!

You may remember the knee crack story? I am also pleased to announce that my knees no longer crack with the ferocity they used to, this also I am accrediting to EA Sports Active 2.

A huge THANK YOU to voting for me in the Sydney Writers Centre Blog Awards, if you haven’t yet please click up in the right hand corner and vote for me! I hope you are all having a great weekend and back to work tomorrow for those of us unlucky enough not to score extra annual leave!


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