Christian leader uses ANZAC day to push his Anti-Gay & Muslim agenda

First of all grab a glass of wine and read this Then come back to me. . .

Ok you have read it right? Now let the rant begin! There are several points this “guy” is making that absolutely disgust me and several of his comments are statistically incorrect.

Wallace claims that “we remember the Australia they fought for – wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!” does he also remember that at the time of war women where not allowed to vote? Is this included in the Australia that the MEN fought for?

“the need to honour that in the way we preserve it into the future, While of course and rightly there have always been gays and Muslims in Australia, many of whom have fought for the country, the nature of the country they fought for and arguably what made it worth fighting for has been largely drawn from Judeo-Christian heritage and values” Also back to the Women issue! It’s this kind of nit-picking and using examples like this and not including that makes me sick and just shows the illegitimate arguments that Christian lobby leaders throw out without actually thinking it through.

Today is a day where we honour and respect those who fought to make Australia a “free” country, not confined to one religion or set of ideas. After the war was won Australia introduced voting for women and the ability to enter the workforce. These ideals where not upheld when the war was fought so why use them, the fact that Wallace is attacking the meaning of ANZAC day shows that he has no respect or idea what it is really about.

Someone also might want to advise Wallace that at the time the war was on, christians where against the Aboriginal people inducing murder, the stolen generation and prejudice.

The whole day was perfect, beautiful this morning and then rainy after 1pm a perfect representation of the nation remembering and loving the people that have fought to defend this country in the past, so we look to the future. The gay marriage act will pass sometime in the future and what will be left to lobby against then? We live in a free country without prejudice while traditionalists cling to their ways the beauty of Australia is our ability to change and develop as a country.


2 thoughts on “Christian leader uses ANZAC day to push his Anti-Gay & Muslim agenda

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