Off days are the WORST!

Today is my “break day” for exercising and I am surprised about how angry and bitter I am today. I feel fat, tired and cranky and I don’t like it. It was a busy day at work and my head is just too full to even think and to top it off I cant even play DC Universe Online and it just started raining again. Yes this is a whiney post but deal with it! Going back to work was just horrible, traumatic some might even say. Not even a 90 minute episode of “Glee” and “The Voice” premiere is making it better. Facebook chat and my phone are off, I just want to escape into my home made chicken parmigana with vegetables and apple crumble for desert.

I think this could be linked to no exercise and the fact that I couldn’t sleep last night. I tried meditating, reading and ended up watching 5 reruns of that “Dinosaurs” show and have been saying “Not the mama!” all day! It’s my first bad nights sleep in this house and it was still dead quiet.

So I will stop writing pointless dribble and tend to my chicken, hope tomorrow is better. . .

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