Meditation made easy…

After 2 months of struggling with my “Pray” challenge I think I am finally making some progress! This morning my body woke me up as usual at 6am, something that I have not done consistently in a VERY long time. When I first started I found myself pressing snooze for an hour and then giving up. As I persevered through it I found it easier to wake up early, once I had mastered this it was waking up early and actually doing something rather than just lie in bed. My first couple of attempts at morning meditation where horrendous. I was easily distracted and convinced myself only a cup of tea would wake me up and help me through. By the time the gas top kettle boiled and I drank the tea it was time to get going. Altering this plan was not easy normally I need coffee to wake me up, and while some mornings this still happens I could feel a change happening.

The first several weeks of meditation where hard I could only last 10 or 15 minutes and that was it my mind just had to think again. I tried hard to re-focus my brain and get it back in gear but it only took time, determination and a whole lot of will power I never knew existed to help me through.

I can now successfully meditate for 45 minutes, with a strong focus on breathing correctly and staying calm it actually helps my natural crazy stay in balance. It also improves my mood a major thing that has gone downhill since this eat healthy, exercise a lot, focus more has started but I am slowly swinging it around.

Meditation may not be for everyone, I definitely thought it was not for me but once I tried it and persevered with it I feel fantastic. It has brought so much clarity to my life, things that I was worried about and issues that got to me just melted away with the meditation and I could not be happier. While gaining balance may not be quick and easy it is worth it when you have small breakthroughs like today.


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