French pasta and fresh dreams

Last night as I started my workout my body was in complete agonizing pain. I was lying on the floor doing reverse crunches (just the name sets my body into panic mode!)  as I engaged my core and raised my legs my stomach crying out for relief the stress and anger of the day began to melt away. I had skipped many of my exercises today as I was feeling quite anguished and would have easily punched the wall. Any situation that used to arise from this would involve heavy liquor and a bacon and egg roll the next morning. I increased my water consumption  and continued the workout and as I began to warm down the anger, the worry just melted into my muscles and disappeared.

As i headed to the shower I began to realise that a breakthrough had just happened, during any time in my past I would have skipped the workout completely and hit the bottle, while being quite effective would have rendered the “Pray” cycle useless. I was finally not resorting to alcohol to make me feel better, something that I and my friends have been doing for years. The thing that impressed me the most was that the thought process wasn’t even there to drink. Congratulating myself on this progression I cooked the most amazing recipe for French Pasta, I know what your thinking French pasta? Isn’t pasta Italian? I’m reading a book called “Lunch In Paris” whilst being a biography it also has recipes and this is the first in the book.

A simple concuction of olive oil, pancetta, onions, zucchini, sundried tomato, carrot,fresh parsley, garlic and fennel mixed with some angel hair spaghetti could make the most heavenly meal on a cold night. As we greedily dove into our bowls murmurs of satisfaction echoed through the room I begun to question myself. Am I a writer? Do I really want this? The spaghetti continued to swirl around our sporks and tears formed in my eyes. I am only half a semester into my degree I’m really not loving it and do I really want to be doing this for the rest of my life?

The final slurp of spaghetti and my head was clear. I know I have a lot to work on and seeing friends fail in their business ventures cautioned me to question if I could do it and if it would be worth it. I am quite fond of money as most people are and wondered how the hell I could survive of freelance without having to have a day job as well.

As these thoughts swirled around my brain I re-read the novel I have been writing as well as the outline and meditated for half an hour, upon finishing this I had a renewed sense of purpose and dreams. I want this and have wanted this my whole life it will NOT be easy and there will be many challenged along the road but in the end I have to be happy.


3 thoughts on “French pasta and fresh dreams

  1. That sounds like an awesome progression Alaisdair. And French Pasta… who knew?

    Completely understand the whole skipping a workout to hit the bottle, especially after all the stress I was under last year.

  2. It is very difficult to find educated individuals for this issue, nevertheless, you seem like you no doubt know what you are posting about! Thank you

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