Voting closed…

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for voting in the Sydney Writers Centre awards! I really do appreciate everyone who voted, this is my first year of doing this and to be nominated and have your support is a huge confidence booster and helps me feel like I am on the right track in my life. The season is changing, you can definitely feel the cool change settling in, we drag our heaters out dust them off and prepare ourselves for the long winter. Winter is usually seen as a harsh cruel time of year and can often effect our moods and demeanour. Being on staple food I am worried about going into winter and not surviving. I have been stockpiling healthy soup and curry recipes so I hope this will tie me over and I won’t be too tempted to eat too much pasta (it is seriously going to be the hardest trial I have EVER faced!).

Yesterday I heard a story about a 60 year old man who had never eaten spaghetti bolognase in his life, being of Indian descent apparently this was something that I should not have been surprised about. The old man watched my friend swirl the spaghetti around his fork and tried to mimick the action, as the spaghetti slurped around the old man’s beard staining the grey remanents red my friend stared on in wonderment that someone could go their whole life and not try this signature Italian dish. His visit to Australia has been like a visit to little India my friend trying so hard to introduce him to Australian culture but he retreats to what he knows, what is safe and to some extent is comforted by the Indian culture here. Why is it that change can be such a hard thing to accept?

The last couple of days it would have been so easy to just stay in bed all day and sleep wrapped up in my doona and a good book. Unfortunately life happens and this is not always possible. I can feel a new season of my life coming into effect as I realise that after 27 years I am finally changing and sticking with it. Change is not an instant process, it doesn’t just happen one day because you flick some internal switch, it takes time, discipline and patience, three things that I never thought I could deal with. I am quite ready for the “Love” period to start of this challenge I miss being able to eat whatever I want when I want! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


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