Me & The Biebster

me and the biebster

Today I took the day off uni and went out shopping with one of my close friends, it started out as coffee and turned into the most amazing day. Any morning is good when you start it with Banana Praline Crepes and Chai tea. We tore around the shops snapping photos at interesting things and buying various un-necessary but completely justifiable products when we came to this cardboard cut-out of Justin Beiber. I can already hear several groans from various people I know reading this post. What is it about Justin Beiber that makes people groan? Is it the mass appeal? Is it the hair? The Voice?

In Australia we have this horrible thing called “Tall Poppy Syndrome” where it is considered “cool” to knock other people down, specifically those who are prominent in popular culture and have a large following, in particular Justin Beiber. It was something I didn’t think a whole lot about until my aunty visited last year from Japan and was shocked to find so many people in our country bagging the Beibs and I am ashamed to say that I was one of them. Up until that point I had never actually heard any of his songs or watched him perform but had already pre-judged him based on his mass appeal and the fact that screaming teenage girls loved him. Clearly I didn’t read the signs hello I LOVE High School Musical and those kind of things so I should have loved Justin Beiber. After I took this thought I actually watched him perform live and was amazed at his voice and ability to dance and play the drums. While I cannot say I have his songs on heavy rotation I can admire and respect that he is extremely talented and no-one has the right to mock that. If we all thought about respect and love we would live in a different world where we respect each other and this kind of ignorance does not exist. Part of the “Pray” challenge has been addressing things that I need to change and this is one of them.

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