My first rock…Self esteem

This week I am having an incredibly bad fat week every day I feel like I am just not losing weight and getting fatter. I have been exercising and eating well so I know its not that it is the view I have of myself is not a good one (note this is not a self pity post so please don’t take it that way).

Self esteem has ALWAYS been a big issue for me, ever since I can remember I have never been happy with how I look. A friend of mine once said that everyone has their days when they think they look good. I can honestly say, hand on my heart that I have NEVER had one of those days.

Feeling good about myself is one of the hardest things I think I will ever have to face. It’s even hard to write about! There is no easy way to cure this and I have no idea how I am going to get through it. However it is going to be my first rock and I am going to throw it off the cliff and try and move past it. If anyone out there has any ideas or suggestions of how I can get through it I would appreciate your comments. Positive affirmations can only go so far.

2 thoughts on “My first rock…Self esteem

  1. It breaks my heart to read this note only because I feel I can relate but because you don’t seem to see the things everyone else see’s. As you said positive affirmations only go so far and I think throwing the negative self esteem away (literally!) is a great start. Hopefully you will soon being to see yourself as the world views you, as someone with a smile that lights up a room and makes the people around him feel good. I think you should try reading “The Happiness Trap”by Dr Russ Harris as he tries to steer you away from the mantra’s of positive thinking, positive affirmations etc (as they may not necessarily be something that will work for the long term) and also helps you to just observe negative mind-talk, whilst putting it into perspective at the same time xxoo

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