French revelations…

Last night was my little sisters birthday party a small group of close friends and family gathered for dinner at a local pub. Looking over the pub menu I found myself not wanting anything at all on the menu, the usual array of chicken schnitzels, chips, wedges, pizzas I had no idea what I wanted as none of it appealed to me. I ended going with a “fisherman’s basket” which consisted of fish, prawns, mussels, calamari all of which where deep fried to the extreme with the usual chips and tasteless side salad.

As I tried to get the greasy food down without vomiting I thought about how much my life had changed in relation to food choices and taste. I think it is all the home cooking and fresh food I have been eating that just made me feel sick eating this rubbish and paying quite a high price for it too. One of the guests asked me if I had a “partner” a polite way of asking if I was gay and if I had a boyfriend. The usual “no it’s just me” response was forming in my head when I blurted out “No way! I’m a career woman!” just spewed out of my mouth immediately after I said it I regretted it but it is too late I could not take it back. This immediately plunged me into my “why am I single?” frames of thinking.

After I finished my “meal” I started to work the room and talk to some of my sisters friends that I had not seen in a while. One in particular has been overseas for a couple of years hairdressing. We started talking about her travels and found out that she now has a boyfriend and the most amazing fact is that he is french! grandiose! This immediately sparked my interest and we discussed how amazing French is and in particularly French food. We discussed my impending trip next year and in particular having to travel to the South of France and to go skiing. I expressed my desire to have what she has…a french man! She confirmed that they are exactly how the movies depcit them…romantic, sweet and loyal. “As soon as you have been on a couple of dates they stop seeing anyone else and see you as exclusive” she said.

The whole conversation fuelled my desire to go to France and fall in love. The catch was she did not meet him in France, she met him in Australia through a friend at a party. So maybe there is hope after all! I cannot wait for the “Love” part of my journey to begin! Bring on July 1!!!

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