Rock 2 . . . Facebook

Facebook has taken over our lives, people used to talk then the mobile phone was introduced then we called and this is how we communicated. After this we reverted to SMS as a major way of communicating and then came along a little website called Facebook. Facebook has been known to be used a method of communication for calling in sick to your boss, sending a message to your friends, chatting online with friends (goodbye MSN!).

There is a down-side to facebook the “status update” feature has turned it into a voyeuristic world where we can monitor our friends and random people who have added us as friends, old class mates from school, people we have just met at parties the night before and we invite them to our lives with full access to our status updates, drunk photos, random likes and the ability that this generation has to say whatever they like with no consequences.

The part that bothers me is that we add anyone as a friend and I know people who have taken great offence to not being added to my Facebook and the truth is after a MAJOR friend cleanse and Facebook overhaul I truly do rely on it too much as a form of communication and as a tool to “check up” on my friends and see what they have been up to instead of actually communicating with them face to face or by phone. While I understand the advancement in technology I think it’s a barrier that I need to overcome as I am on it ALL the time.

So after much soul searching I have decided as of June 1 I will not be on Facebook for a whole month, I will not log on and leave status updates, check on my friends, pray for notifications to see if anyone has posted on my wall. I understand that my array of nightclubs in “Nightclub City” will no doubt suffer but I will have to live with that. Rock number two I will be taking on that walk FACEBOOK.

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