Reboot time…

Tonight I went out which is odd for a Tuesday night but movies are cheap on tuesdays who knew?
After seeing Water For Elephants and bawling my eyes out I was in need of some much deserved comfort through the form of white chocolate chai and banana crepes.

As the 4 of us sat down with out chocolate and talked about pretty much everything that has been going on for the last couple of weeks it made me realise just how crazy life has been and how the meditation has helped me stay centred through all of it.

This Saturday I am going to a meditation retreat and I hope to get closer to finding my centre and smoothing out the crazy as some days it is still here in all it’s glory.

When I got home my wireless network was not working, it has been running for 2 months without a reboot and took a forced “break” while I decided to have one as well. It got me thinking so much of our lives are on auto pilot we just plod along doing the same thing over and over but do we ever take time to properly re-boot?

Dolce farn’iente made famous by Liz Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love really struck a chord with me, we need to work flat out and burn out before we take a break, we have to justify rest and relaxation. I find myself doing it all the time. “I won’t sit down until I have done a couple of hours of uni work, then some housework then a workout” this kind of justification is ridiculous, there are some days when we just need to take time out and do nothing. This is easier said than done especially in our world today it is a concept that most would find crazy and brand as laziness.

In finding balance for your life justification for rest is a hard thing to do, I feel much more rested, settled and balanced this year than I ever have in my life and look forward to it being like this for the rest of my days. Some days we just need a good reboot to avoid a system shutdown.

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