The first combined “Eat Pray Love” event with MYSELF!

Tonight I locked myself in the university hub in town determined to get this damn assignment finished, it is a group project and I cannot wait until the whole ordeal is over. This semester has been a horrible one, plagued with subjects that I find completely uninteresting, lecturers that do not care about you or your future and a whirlwind work environment of the unknown. It has all made me quite exhausted and I cannot wait for a break for some well deserved R&R. The catch is that I have a new job which is going to eliminate my holidays and any sort of rest I was looking forward to. I should not complain a lot of people are unemployed and cannot find work for the life of them so I should be grateful.

The assignment just keeps going and with an empty stomach I decided being right near a main eating district I should take an hour out and treat myself. I went to De Luca’s on Darby which as you might recall was the restaurant I have been to before but on a date. This time I also was on a date but with the best person I know. Me. This may sound horribly conceited but in the fast few months I have come to know that this is true. I never let myself down, I constantly push myself to be a better person, I am more giving, more loving, more honest and more faithful than I have ever been before. The other day I looked in the mirror and for the first time I said to myself “You look good today” followed by “You look DAMN good today!” and took a photo to celebrate this first occurrence in my life.

I sat down and immediately ordered a glass of house red, the perfect accompaniment to any Italian meal, I scoured the menu for something that I have not had before but alas I went with old faithful Spaghetti with Chorizo and Tomato Ragu. As I waited for the meal to arrive I continued reading my new favourite book Summer & The City by Candace Bushnell I have not being able to put it down all week. On my fourth page in a group of two girls and two guys squeezed into the table next to me. My beautiful pasta arrived and the girls heads turned to face me, as I plunged my fork deep into the pasta swirling it around while delicately balancing my wine in my other hand while grappling my book I’m sure not looking as elegant or relaxed as I thought I was one of the girls said “Wow that is that? It smells amazing!” “Italian pasta with chorizo and tomato ragu its fabulous!” I replied “That looks like the perfect night! A book, pasta and red wine!” the other girl proclaimed. “It’s my date for me, my very first one and it could not be better!” the words just spewed out of my mouth. Both girls smiled at each other and said “Well have fun honey you deserve it!” I nodded and got back to my pasta and my book.

Normally I would laugh at anyone that did this or said such things but the feeling of eating amazing food, while being completely content and happy within yourself and for the first time in your whole life feeling some sort of love for yourself is just a feeling that I could never possibly put into words. It’s amazing, it’s marvellous, it’s spendifferous! I could write about this all night! Alas I have an assignment to get back to and if I want to have any form of weekend that’s what I should be doing now!

Tonight I feel positive that I took the very first step to balance Eat, Pray, Love and just for the record there will be NO “self-love” or “how’s ya father” as one of my friends so eloquently put it, I am far too tired for that!

One thought on “The first combined “Eat Pray Love” event with MYSELF!

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