Marry the night

Sorry about the lack of updates I have been in a “GaGa Coma” of sorts. I have had the “Born This Way” album for a week now and have not been able to stop listening to it…literally!

Sunday night I couldn’t sleep I was wide awake, bored and had nothing better to do at 4am than to write. So I wrote about all my past relationships and what I had learnt from them and realised that it would make a great book. So that is my project in conjunction with my “Love” stage which thankfully is just over a month away. My “No Facebook” phase is about to start and to be honest I am freaking out about not being able to use it. It is something that we rely on heavily for communication these days and not being able to use it just freaks me out but I think it is necessary and will help me.

Anyway just a quick update what do you think about the relationship book idea? The focus would obviously be on gay relationships and setting certain myths about gay men and their relationships right and explaining that they are as diverse and surprising as straight ones


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