Tomorrow I finish my current job and move onto a new job and new chapter of my life. This week I have been reflecting on the things I have learned working there and it has taught me a lot about people and specifically women. I am going to be sad to be leaving a couple of good people behind. No matter what people say when you leave relationships and friendships change. There are a couple I can see lasting but a lot will fade away, facebook connections will eventually get deleted and I will remain a mere memory. I have been focussing a lot on my relationship book and specifically on what happens between women and gay men. While you can be friends and share a bond it always fades and is very similar in work places. As much as you want to remain close with your work mates it usually fades unless there is a deeper connection, something to keep you in each other’s lives. These kind of work relationships has become a cycle and one I have become used to. Whilst I have met some amazing people over the years it’s the genuine, loving, honest and true people that you keep in your life. It’s these relationships that will last. It is the thing that I am truly grateful for. Here is to the end of tomorrow and the new chapter…


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