The E.N.D/The Beginning

I just finished watching all 3 of the Oprah finales so naturally I am sitting on my bed and am a blubbering mess. I read a lot of scathing reviews saying the final show was “hyped up” of course it was it is the ending of a twenty five year show and revolution that has swept the world. The first 2 shows where mainly celebrity tributes but also a gift back to Oprah from the people she has helped over the years. It was clear to me after the second show the power of your influence and of your kindness. Often we are so busy with our lives we don’t stop and think about other people. It is so easy to be all about yourself and to make the best life for yourself and while you are important it is what you do and how you influence other people and your compassion and kindness that matter.

This month I started giving to a local charity the Mackenzie Centre part of the Wesley Mission who offer free showers, free clothes-washing facilities, welfare and counselling services. They have 130 bed-sitter units and 3 family homes and are seeking more due to the increasing number of homeless people in our city. If you can please head on over to

While I have been giving financially I was challenged while watching Oprah to give up something more precious and more sacrificial than money, something I always complain that I do not have a lot of and that is my time. I am going to volunteer and do whatever I can whenever I can to help and give of myself to others. I used to do a lot of volunteer work in the community and I stopped and it is time that I started again.

The last episode of Oprah had no guests, no surprises, no giveaways just 45 minutes of lessons, advice and reflection of the last 25 years the one thing that stood out was energy. The energy you put out is what you get back, if you spend time hating someone, trying to destroy them it is just going to turn around and smack you in the face. I know when people do things to me I go on smear campaigns, it’s hard not to. The main challenge for me over the next month is shaping this to not react like I usually do and fight bitchiness, hate and negativity with love. It is so easy to write and I imagine frightfully hard to do, but this is what this show, this amazing woman has inspired.

Since I started this challenge in April this year every week I have done three selfless things to people in my world, wether that be through a dinner out on the town, a movie, a cup of coffee, an ear to listen, time to just be together, help with assignments, advice on relationship issues, lending money and attempting to eminate love and support. It has been extremely challenge, it has shown me that while doing something for yourself is good, doing something that helps and encourages someone else can be even more good.

So here marks the end of my selfish ways, I know I am not perfect and am extremely far from it but here is to trying and making a difference in my immediate world.

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