Get a life

“get a life” is a term i have heard so many times in the last couple of weeks, especially when listening to conversations about people who do not understand other people’s behaviours and relationship to things. It is an easy phrase to use to shrug off what is important to someone but seems trivial and unimportant to you. It made me think about what Oprah said on her last show about validating other people, and acknowledging that what they like and who they are does matter to you. I guess the main issue I have with this phrase is it makes the other person seem trivial and does not validate the importance of their life in your eyes. I have used this phrase before but never though about the impact it has on others and what it actually means. It is probably the most hurtful and damaging thing you can say to a friend and by not validating their life choices not supporting them.

Last night was my official housewarming party and it was a total blast! Amazing attendance, drama free, no shows, no hype, no props it was an amalgamation of friends from different circles all coming together, strangers dancing and drinking together most people had never met before and everyone was getting along. I have never had or been to a party that was this much fun. The theme was “Burlesque” and we had some amazing outfits and dancing that was a show on it’s own without forced to be one. It was this that made the party truly great, Everyone last night was so amazingly supportive of our home and my new job I felt accepted and loved. Something I have not been feeling a lot of lately. It is through receiving this that I can give back and I hope I did last night to some degree. To those who came that are reading this thank you for making the night one to remember!


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