Moving onto love…

So technically I still have one month left of my “Pray” phase and to be completely honest I am over it! The meditating thing is driving me nuts! A part of me hoped that by now the penny would have dropped and I would just achieve inner peace in some weird cosmic flash. Sadly this is not the case. A lot of things are bubbling to the surface that I buried because they where too painful or shameful to deal with and I am finding myself confronted with them and I have no idea what to do. I do not want to go to therapy a) the financial factor b) the time factor and I think there should be a better way to deal with things.

One thing I have discovered through all of these confronting feelings is that after 4 years being single I am ready to move on. I have been slowly taking down my walls and I feel like I am that much closer to having none, to being ready to let someone in and love again. I have been talking to a pretty special guy but we have yet to actually do the “coffee” thing so hopefully it all pans out. He is really funny and smart and I enjoy talking to him. I think this whole “love” thing is going to be great. I can feel a new season of my life beginning and as I write more of my “relationship self-help book” this feeling is just getting stronger. So here is to LOVE EVERYWHERE! and love for me because it’s about freaking time!


One thought on “Moving onto love…

  1. Love everywhere! What a banner! I do hope you’re on a path to happiness and something amazing! Life is had enough when sometimes you need an amazing partner to just lean on, vent to, and of course love…

    Here’s to your hopes and happy thoughts and to my wish that you’re gonna be cuddling with the perfect guy for you!


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