Rubbing your dic$ at me will not get my attention

Please be warned this post is quite full on and has language that may offend.

Today was the last day of classes for uni and it was amazing. Everyone was in a positive mood and the day was going great.
I breezed through my first 2 classes and got my major essay back and got a distinction, I was convinced when I was writing it that I would just pass based on other tutors marks of my writing so it was a complete shock and I was feeling on cloud nine.

My classes ended and I made my way to the bus stop to wait for my bus. As I sat down a guy was sitting there and started staring at me. I continued to listen to my music and ignored him thinking maybe there was something on my face. I started to read my book and turn my music off and he was once again staring at me. He was wearing brown corduroy pants and cheap k-mart looking sneakers. He was a little creepy but around my age and not entirely unattractive.

He started talking to me asking what I did, where I live and if I was single. I faked a call from a friend to halt the conversation and he continued to stare at me and then started touching himself. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life. I continued the call and got onto the bus and he followed. He sat on the chair across the aisle from me and sat side on spread his legs and continued to touch himself while I was “on the phone” I hung up right before my stop and he asked me “Can I come back to your place?” My response was “oh no I am going to my mums” and with a dash ran off the bus. It was the creepiest thing I have ever experienced and he wasn’t an old man he was a young guy around my age. I told my friend about it and the comment I got back was “No wonder your single” which got me to thinking well I have standards, when people ask how did we meet I do not want to say he rubbed himself on the bus while I was on the phone staring at me. This is not what I want or how I want to meet someone. I am content with being single for a bit longer if it means meeting someone at a club or a restaurant or over coffee instead of random sex at a bus stop.

4 thoughts on “Rubbing your dic$ at me will not get my attention

  1. Oh dear god, that is the worst bus ride ever! Lol that is the scariest way I can thnk of to meet someone. I can hear the questions now.. “So where did you two meet?? He stalked me home on my bus while touching himself inappropriatly in public…. Oh…”

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