Proof Pray Works

Today I decided to weigh myself again, I have been using the same scales and decided just to weigh myself once a month to track my changes. As I was on to phone to my friend I got on the scales and much to my surprise I have lost 5 kilos. I don’t know where from but they are gone! Which now takes me down to 95kgs! I cannot believe it! I do feel much healthier and better about myself in general now that I am more active but this is just incredible! This week I was considering lapband surgery to try and lost the bulk of it but I don’t think I have to. It is after this that I am considering extending pray to August instead of July. I think if I can get down to 90kgs by the start of June then I want to get down to my ideal weight of 80kgs before this “Pray” cycle is done. I can really feel myself starting to change internally, things don’t anger me as much as they used to. People try and start shit and trouble and I find myself shrugging it off and not caring whereas before I would have. This is the BEST thing I have ever done, it is also the hardest and most challenging but what goal is worth it if you don’t have to go through trials to get there.

This morning my friend took me to the Olive Tree Markets to make me feel better and it worked. After an amazing Balinese curry and salad a group of drummers where performing. Apart from the incredible music they where playing it was the joy on their faces. Every beat, every note, every step eminated joy and happiness. It was infectious and the ever-growing audience reflected this. It got me to thinking when you find something that you love, something that makes you so happy you are smiling, laughing, your whole body is reacting to this amazing thing you are doing isn’t that what life is all about? So many of us get caught up in having the right house, lots of money, family life we don’t stop to think about what makes us happy and how this has an effect on those around us.


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