Rock 5 : Past relationships aka Chicago Bull

While I cannot print his name for legal reasons we will call him Chicago Bull (Cherry Jones you know who it is and can imagine you are wetting your scanties right now!) put me through hell, not just me. My friends, my family and me all through hell. All the lies, all the cheating, the backstabbing, the back and forths, mind games, head fucks it was a crazy four years of my life and I am so glad they are over. It has been four years now since we broke up and it is time I moved on. I have been carrying round physical weight since we got together and now I am losing that I am going to lose all feelings and concern about you and what you are doing. It was so interesting that you strung me along for all those years and then when you got over me (by jumping into bed with someone else) then you had the strength to tell me goodbye for the last time and then try and make me out to be the bad guy?

All of that will be coming on the walk with me and being thrown off the cliff along with my feelings for you. I have held onto them for WAY too long and it’s time I let you go. What we had was fucked and if I could turn back time I never would have chosen you or stayed with you after you cheated but I cannot change time. I can only change the future, and the future is me.


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