The Friendship Test (a happier place?)

Sorry for the lack of updates things have been crazy over the last week. A lot of good stuff has happened and a lot of bad stuff has happened. At the moment I am sitting on my best friends bed in Sydney getting ready for a day of shopping and fun, taking a time out from Newcastle and the drama that seems to surround it. When we leave high school we automatically assume that everybody grows up and the dramatics leave with it. Some people have nothing better to do that create drama and focus on little things and blow them up into huge things that they are not and to be quite honest I am over it.

I am done with letting people in my life who cause trouble and have nothing better to do than be dramatic and cause trouble. This is not directed towards anyone in particular (even though some people read things and think that everything is about them) it is just a generalisation. When you look at the bigger picture about life and the position we live in why do we let trivial things like this run our lives and get in the way?

I look back to two years ago when I did a similar thing and was in a much happier place and I think this is what I need to do again. Being back here reminds me of the happy me I used to be and to strive to be more like that person. While you can never turn back the clock, I believe I can tap into some of that “happy person” mojo and help complete my “Pray” challenge.

Hope you are all having a good long weekend (those in NSW anyway)

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