On the weekend I overheard a conversation about karma, stating the fact that it didn’t exist. The person in question had their boyfriend committ suicide this time 12 months ago. Their argument was if there was a God and karma did exist that would never have happened to me. She has never done anything bad to anyone else, putting out the “negative” karma energy that supposedly comes with the territory, yet she had suffered so much pain, so much anguish so her conclusion was there is no God and Karma does not exist.

As human beings we feel the need to have everything explained to us, we are curious, we are inquisitive it is in our nature to be this way. We have to have an explanation for everything which I believe is where the Bible comes in. Mans attempt at some control to explain the universe, our origins and man-made rules that we need to believe that a divine being passed down to enforce them and base our laws upon them.

This “you reap what you sow” karma-ish idea dates back to Biblical times and is a concept we have adapted and believed for thousands of years. I myself can’t help but look at both sides of the coin, on one side we have energy, we all put it out there negative or positive and it seems to attract the same back to us. Is this undeniable proof of the theory of karma? Or are we in control of what comes our way. One of my friends who believes he is is putting a twist on it and drawing a moral line that some may find offensive but personally I commend. He trolls known websites known for paedaphile’s and talks to them pretending to be an under-age girl. Once they have revealed their intentions he asks them for things first. The first thing he inherited was an Apple IPhone 4 which has now become known as “The Pedo Phone” this hilarious device has created so many conversations. The guy cannot do anything without revealing what he is doing and hopefully it teaches him a lesson. Some people see a moral dilemma with this but each to his own.

The most recent update was this “Successfully tricked a paedofile into donating $1600 to the salvation Army. He thought he was transferring the money into the account of a 13 year old girl. He is expecting filthy paedo sex in return, all he is getting now is good karma.” Again some could question the morality of this but I see the brilliance of it. They have no way of turning themselves in and if it happens to them enough hopefully they will stop.

Karma is a funny word, we always have to tell ourselves something to comfort us, to get us through and believe that good things will happen to us. In the end it all comes down to what we are willing to do for ourselves and the world as a whole. Being a good person and having amazing karmic energy is all well and good but putting that energy into practise is where the real Karma.


One thought on “Karma

  1. LOL that’s awesome! But does he still receive good karma when the intention was terrible (eg. paedo transferring money to an under age girl)? P.S; your friend sounds even more cool 🙂

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