Fat fat fat fat fat! Motivation part 2

I think this is a re-occuring issue, my grand total of 1 that’s right folks count it 1 workout last week left me feeling incredibly fat and lazy. All week is was nagging my brain and I did what all of us fatties seem to have in-built into our brain, the famous denial block. “I’m not that fat look at me I have lost so much weight I can relax a bit” we have all had that conversation in our head at one stage or another. The problem is it only holds true for so long and then you throw your metabolism back into slow mode and the cycle begins again.

Today I got home after a particularly gruelling day at work and did my work out and put in twice the amount of effort, it left me feeling happy and high. Why oh why when I am feeling like crap do I turn to food instead of working out with as we know (thanks to Legally Blonde) releases endorphins and makes us happy? This crazy concept just clicked into my brain and it is one that I am going to keep remembering from now on. I want to work to keep losing the weight as I have been and take it further and finally be comfortable in my own skin.

I stepped onto the scales on Saturday and saw that I am down to 93, I still have 3 kilos to lose in 2 weeks! Sounds tough but I think if I buckle down and keep myself motivated I can do it. Being under 90 will be a major milestone for me, it’s something that I have longed for since I can’t even remember and I am going to make sure that I stick to it this time and don’t stack it back on.

I hope you are all having a good start to your week and if you need a little motivation here it is, you are never too big to start losing weight, it is NOT too hard, it is NOT a waste of time it is your life and life is precious. Look at yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you matter, that you are beautiful and re-affirm the fact that you are you.


One thought on “Fat fat fat fat fat! Motivation part 2

  1. Oh you are so close! You can do it:) It sucks when we get that voice in our head, I know the one you’re talking about. I’ve had it myself many times. The best thing to do is not to let it drag us down to the point we start the pig out cycle all over again.

    Sounds like you already know that though:)

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