Rock 7 : Expectations

When I say expectations I am covering all bases, personal expectations, family expectations, friend expectations and other expectations. We have setup a series of expectations that our friends, family, workplace, society, peers and most importantly our internal expectations that we place on ourselves. We are told by society to act a certain way and expect a certain degree of professionalism, goals, manners and most of the times these are so unrealistic and cause un-necessary stress and anguish. I myself am tired of these expectations. I tell myself all the time that I should be in a relationship, I should have a full time stable job, I should already have my degree, I should have a career that is 9-5 and pays a certain amount per week, I should be fully insured and be saving for a deposit on a house of my own. I am tired of these expectations that I and my family put on me and am choosing to shake them off and be who I am without the pressure of these unrealistic expectations.

Family expect us to be stable, settled and called upon when needed for family events. My family has always been scattered and there are never more than a few of us in one state or country for that matter. I am expected to be a good little christian man, something that I will never be able to fulfil.

Friends are also people who put a unfair expectation on us, expecting us to be supporting of every situation they get themselves into which is not always easy. I am tired of not speaking up when I should and being used. I need supportive and encouraging friends in my life who says it like it is. Another issue is having friends who constantly bitch about me behind my back. I am really tired of it and while I cannot do anything to control what they say when I’m not around I do not need this anymore.

All of the above is just some of the examples of the many expectations we are expected to live up to and while we do need to operate and function within society most of these expectations I am erasing from my life, in particular family, friends and personal ones I am making three separate rocks for this and adding it to the list. That will take me to 9 rocks for the big walk which will now happen at the end of July.


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