Love is LOUDER!

Marriage equality took a step further today with New York recognising and legalizing same sex marriage! The bill was passed and will become effective in 30 days. Statistically this means that more than 420,000 couples in NYC will be able to get married and continue raising 14,000 children. Whilst this is a major step forward for equality in the USA I cannot help but think about what is happening here at home.

The gay marriage issue here isn’t a hot topic with Prime Minister Julia Gillard basically saying it will NEVER happen in this country. The first time she said this I was so shocked and disgusted that she actually believes this to be true and while she may be in parliament for now change just doesn’t happen in a click of a finger, it takes a lot of time, petitioning and support (Major snaps for GLAAD in the USA for their work on NYC). As gay people in this country we need to stand up for what we believe in like others have down but in a lot worse conditions. Previously being gay was illegal and you could be arrested for coming out. These brave gay patriots of our past deserve to be acknowledged and we need to do all we can as the next generation to preserve their legacy and do what we can to protect the future of equal rights.

I am friends with several gay couples both male and female who are engaged and deserve the right to get married in our country. We need to rally around the people that we love and fight for their marriages. On the 3rd of December is the ALP conference in Canberra, thousands are planning to gather at Hyde Park in Sydney to protest the ignorance of our current PM Julia Gillard. Please join us on this day if you can and together we will make change happen in this country. When I get times etc closer to the date I will post them on here. If you have a friend, a family member, work colleague or anyone close to you that is gay/lesbian fight for their freedoms and rights.

Congratulations New York on your progress and for recognizing relationships of the future, the Empire State Building has been lit up with rainbow colours to show support for equality and the passing of the bill. Many of my twitter friends in NYC are posting photo’s of the parties that are happening there right now in the streets. Have an amazing time and thank you for proving that LOVE SPEAKS LOUDER!


One thought on “Love is LOUDER!

  1. Love this post Alistair xo Like the way u write soo matter of fact and I can actually hear ur voice as Im reading it!! its great that New York finally acceepted us legally!! Australia needs to follow

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