Back To The 80’s!

It’s July 1st and I took my trip to the scales absolutely freaking out about how much I haven’t lost as I have been working full time in a call centre sitting on my ass for eight hours a day. So I was extremely apprehensive about stepping onto the scales and to my amazement the fat gods are loving me at the moment and I weigh 89.8 kgs!

I apologise to the fellow Woolworths who witnessed me squeal of delight (I use a woolies scale as I am am against owning a set of scales and weighing myself every day) I am so fucking proud of myself I have not been this light for a long time. So I have decided to go all Christina Aguilera and take some photo’s of myself now and what I looked like before and post them on here to see the difference.

Whilst I still have a gut and my damn back fat just won’t leave I am feeling a lot more energetic and healthier than I ever have. In addition to my exterior change my inside’s have been changing (If I was a girl you would be giggling right now I know I am) I have changed who I am, my attitudes and influences that encourage the unbalanced lifestyle have been put at a distance and I can feel myself becoming a more out there social person.

One of the great new ladies I work with was talking about the black under my eyes, some days it is really bad but it is always there and I have been told I need to have an operation to get rid of it but the thought of having my under-eyes scooped just creeps me out. I am now taking iron supplements and vitamin c and hopefully this will start changing. I can expect the effect to start showing in a month or so.

I have 4 weeks of “Pray” left and I feel like I am a completely different person than when I started both inside and out. I feel happier, healthier and stronger than I have ever been. Thank you so much to my close friends who have put up with my bad “Pray” days when I get snappy due to junk food withdrawals you are the best and I could not have done it without you.

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