Everyday Hero

One of my good friends Chrissy is doing an amazing thing, she is doing the “City 2 Surf” that is being used to raise money for ASCA – Adults Surviving Child Abuse. When you think of child abuse you think of beat up children who have black eyes and nowhere to go and have generally have a horrible up bringing due to alcohol or drug affected parents. Not all child abuse is this general it is emotional abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse and anything that hurts and effects the life of a child. It truly is one of the most horrific things especially in Australia. I myself am a survivor of child abuse, my dad was extremely abusive both physically and mentally. He could not control his temper and when he lost it, he lost it. He didn’t like that fact that I was different from everyone else and wasn’t the son he wanted. This was no excuse for the horrible childhood I had while he was living there and I believe this is a strong root for my self esteem issues that still exist today.

I have pledged to give donate $30 from each pay to Chrissy and cut back on my coffee while also helping me health wise it will also do more for child abuse survivors across the country. I challenge you to do the same. Please visit the link below and support Chrissy and her efforts. She is a beautiful person who has an amazing heart and I am so proud that she is doing this and raising money for this cause. Visit http://www.fundraise.city2surf.com.au/chrissy_perkins and donate as much as you can. Let’s build a better world!


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