Tonight in protest of football and the negative effect it has on our culture one of my good friends came over for dinner and a movie. Not surprisingly she is a HUGE Sex & The City fan but has never seen the movie (what the???) We settled into our bowls of thai food and started watching. This movie has a history with me, the first time I saw it was at a cinema in Sydney and I saw it with my ex. It was after we had broken up for the umpteenth time and watching this movie together was the first realisation that we did not belong together and that our future would be better if we where apart.

The biggest part (pun intended!) for me is when Miranda and Steve meet on the Brooklyn bridge and decide that the past is the past and they want to move forward and forget it ever happened. I love this notion but it always made me skeptical of the reality of that. I tried putting the past behind me with my ex, we tried and all that happened was I put on 30 kilos and he had sex with anything that moved.

I used to have a “Love” keyring you know the one I’m talking about, and I used to believe in love and that anything was possible. That feeling has faded in the last two years but I do believe that now my heart is open, I am prepared that in three weeks my “Pray” challenge is over and I will be focussing on the “Love” something that I have not made time for or actively sought out for a long time.

So here is the challenge, to go out on at least one date a week with a guy, put myself out there (not my legs me as a person!) while giving out more love to my family, friends and new people that I meet. This world lacks a lot of love these days especially with things like twitter and facebook where you can say pretty much whatever you want with little or no consequence or care about who you hurt or offend.

I myself have been an instigator of this in the past and it’s something I am working on. I cannot wait to fill my life with love again.


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