I am home from an amazing weekend away in the gorgeous country town of Bowral where I spent the last two days in pure re-charge mode both physically and emotionally. Compared to Newcastle the weather was about 10 degrees colder so I spent the majority of the weekend with a pillow and blanket in front of the fire rotating between my books, 3DS and PSP with my Nan and Mum to keep me company.

I was feeling completely burnt out after no break from uni and changing jobs and it had made me kind of a bitch (Well minus the kind of). It was definitely the time for me to go away and recharge my batteries a little bit. I was on 0% and now I feel like I’m at 30% so I definitely need a longer break (which I have 0% chance of getting any-time soon) I know it sounds like I’m whining (And I kind of am) but I definitely need a longer break sometime soon. We arrived in the cold frost late Friday evening and headed straight to bed (in front of the fire) I woke up on Saturday and after breakfast dragged a blanket, pillow and my 2 books, 3DS and PSP to the fire where I curled up still in pyjamas and this is where I stayed till lunch time. After lunch I resumed the position until it was time to get dressed and go into town for dinner.

We went to a beautiful little pub called “The Scottish Arms” where the waiters where unbelievably hot and the food was mouth-watering. I had beef wellington with red wine jus and Brocolli, Snow Peas and Asparagus all watered down with a bottle of red wine. We followed this up with a piece of lemon meringue pie (that I shared with my Nan). The place was decked out with Scottish fare and relics and this got me thinking about my heritage and past. Being Scottish is something I am usually a little ashamed of but it’s places like this and my family being there helps me realise that maybe it’s something to be embraced.

We got home and I resumed position in front of the fire and finished my book and started the next one. I had an extremely early night and in the morning helped my Nan look after her ducks and birds that flock to her backyard for a free feed. After this it was straight back to the fire where I finished the second book and packed my things for the long drive home. I got home feeling completely refreshed and ready to face the new week. I feel like my centre is more aligned to the middle and less crazy and bitchy than I have been. The big lesson I learned is to do this more often, don’t wait until you reach boiling point to get away just do it.


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