I do not want children on my cup!

Thursday night I went out for my chocolate fix to Max Brenner at Charlestown Square where I decided after years of drinking delicious gooey hot chocolate out of a hug mug enjoying every thick drop (and sometimes un ashamedly licking the mug clean) it was time I bought one for myself. My friend and I moved to the chocolate store after ordering our banana crepes and mexican hot chocolate (a mistake she will not make twice!) As we began paroozing the shelves for the perfect hug mug we finally found them but much to our disgust the perfect white mugs where covered in pictures of babies. I picked up the mug and took it to the counter, the sales girl smiled at me “Please tell me you have something that is not covered in babies! I mean that in the nicest way” I said to her trying to sound normal. With a confused look she replied “Um probably let me just check for you” she replied while looking me up and down with a judgemental look. “I don’t hate babies I just don’t want them all over my cup” I tried to de-rail her with a smile and this statement but I think it left a lasting impression.

One of my other gay friends was calling a support line at work the other day and the consultant on the other line was a straight guy. My friend was looking at his reflection in his phone and said “Wow I really need a facial” the support officer replied “Your such a queen!” my friend replied with “Well it beats being a breeder!” the support officer was obviously confused about this statement. “What’s a breeder?” he replied. “A breeder, you go out into the world and make babies!” my friend replied getting a little offended. “That’s really offensive” the support officer replied. “Um you called me a queen first? You don’t think that’s offensive?” my friend replied.

While children are a “blessing” and any girl reading this will hate me for saying this the world does not revolve around you and your children. My family have come to the realisation that I will never have kids and possibly never get married (unless things change fast f$%^ you Gillard!) I pay taxes that pay for your parenting payments from the Government which also includes the “baby bonus” and now the carbon tax. Because I am single, successful and gay I am going to subsidise families portion of the carbon tax, does this sound fair? No not really. My point is already being penalised for not having children to support people who do I am tired of the “child” issue. People have been having children for thousands of years without government support, without hospital drugs, prams or nannies.

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