Last week of “Pray”

This is the start of the last week of my “Pray” challenge and to be honest the last couple of weeks they have gone out the window in relation to looking after my body. I haven’t been watching what I have been eating and my exercise regime has left the building which has resulted in the kg’s going up again. Essentially I have un=done all the work I have done so far. I am attempting to remedy that this week with a 3 day work out to adjust my body back to it’s exercise ready state and I feel that I am more than ready for the “Love” challenge.

Looking back on this phase I can see how I have grown emotionally and have sorted out a lot of things internally that have been sitting inside me for a while. One of the most successful things has been putting into writing the horrible experience with my ex and how this really f***ed up my life and I can see that I was using that as an excuse to not move forward with my life. The result of this has turned into a idea for a book which at the moment is called “Gaytion” a kind of how to guide for the gay relationships world. I can finally see a positive turn around from something that was negative.

This morning I started my first uni class (at 8am!!!!) and can already see myself having a more positive attitude towards my classes and hope that this semester I will be more dedicated and organised than the last. Already the lecturer and teaching staff seem more organised and positive than the last semester. I am looking forward to a better work/uni/life balance this semester and adding the “Love” element should help this along.

Overall I have learnt through this “Pray” experience to be more loving, more kind, more open to other people, their feelings, their thoughts and the importance of quiet times with yourself and how you can grow and change through this. I have found that meditation is a blessing and spending your time, money and energy into others that are important to you as well as yourself is the most rewarding thing you can do.

This week I am preparing my rocks to take on the big walk that I am planning to do this Sunday. In case you forgot I have been writing on rocks the things that I am going to let go of, do a trek through a beautiful rainforest and throw the rocks off the cliff symbolising the release of those things in my life. I am nervous, scared yet extremely excited about this and plan on a beautiful dinner and bath afterward to celebrate the end of the “Pray” challenge.

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