Sharing part 2

Following on from my previous post…


Surprise I am gay! Not that it really should have been but come on mum seriously? Anyway so not taking the news so well she kicked me out and my life as a gay man begun. I was living in a foreign state with no support network or family so on I had to go I had no-one to rely on but myself. I moved in with my then boyfriend who was not ready for a relationship or for me to live with him. We had only been dating a few months and it wasn’t that serious.


His housemate got me a job at Hungry Jacks where I lasted one and a half shifts. It was not my calling to say the least. After living there a few weeks we finally grew tired of each other and I found my first share house. I was single, alone with no friends in a foreign city, with no idea what I was going to do the government so graciouslly put me in touch with a job network where I was forced to do a “back to work” training course to prepare me for work. After completing this I went for so many interviews I cannot recall the majority of them as they where just horrible and I didn’t get any job I applied for. With no job and what little money I had I still managed to go out every friday and saturday night to a little place called “The Ed” it was 1 out of 2 gay venues in the vicinity of where I lived. It was fabulous. It was the first place I ever saw a drag show and loved it. My first experience with a drag queen was Meglamania who still remains to this day one of the funniest people I know. Along with Kane (St Kane) and MegaAdam. I fastly became the “town bike” I am unashamed to say that I would have 2 – 3 men over each friday and saturday night for mind numbing, blow and go sex with no intention of settling down. Whilst this may make me sound like a ginormous slut it was amazing, I had never felt so liberated in my whole life. Men wanted me and not for just anything they wanted me for my body. This sounds incrediblly shallow on paper and looks so wrong reading it but I had pain and I needed a way to release it.


Across the road lived a couple Malcolm and Jarrod. They became my first official gay friends with no strings attached. Jarrod had aids and they where together for life. I used to spend so many nights in their lounge room just drinking coffee and talking and laughing. Which eventually led me to meeting one of their friends Daniel. One of the first oddest relationships I have ever had. The first night we met he took myself and Malcolm on a haunted tour of Adelaide, showing us all the haunted places the city had to offer. We stayed out all night and the tour was really scary which ended up with me all over him of course. We started dating but never slept together, not through lack of me trying though. It was an odd relationship, the whole time I felt like he was sleeping with Malcolm as he seemed to connect with him more than me but I guess that is something I will never know. Daniel and I lasted about a month before I returned to my slutty ways and my moving out of the neighbourhood did not help either. I lost touch with Malcolm and Jarrod and was sad to learn that Jarrod died from AIDS several years later. Malcolm stayed with him till the end anyone who would suggest that gay relationships are shallow and not worth recognizing ought to hear their story.


I resumed my slutty disposition moving to a new venue The Hampshire or Hampy as the locals called it. It was a younger crowd, the pick ups where not that good one night I started talking to this guy named Pete, he was straight apparently and just liked the feeling of being with another guy but was not into commitment as he wanted a wife and kids. Naturally this was the perfect fit to my slut routine and we slept together several times actually, the boy looked good and was incredibly gifted with his mouth. One other thing I should probably mention he was a mechanic. It was incredible! But it was not meant to be a relationship. This is where my life started turning and the slut inside me started dying and the new person seeking and craving a relationship emerged, so Pete if you are reading this you are to blame! Thank you very much!


My first semi relationship was with a guy named Mitch. He was older than I was, not by much he was in his mid 30’s. He was a real estate agent (that should have tipped me off!) and a musician. The first night he took me out for a date we went to an Oyster bar for entree and drinks then to this amazing Italian restaurant where he wined and dined me. This was a great start, from there we headed to a small cafe for more booze and by this time we where both quite intoxicated. The night was going well so of course we ended up back at his house (the slut just won’t die!) and he begged me to top for him, something I had no done before, I was used to the other guy being in control and dominating me but this time the tables where turned. This is the first time I felt truly powerful and in control. After this night we spent the next couple of weeks in and out of each other’s beds and lives where we could fit it in although we did not seem to be connecting that well, dinner was getting shorter and shorter and would just result in sex at his house where he would fall asleep after and I was wide awake.


It all came to a crashing halt one night I was dreadfully sick with one of the worst colds I have ever had in my life. I was literally sleeping with my heater for a week. He asked to come over and I refused but he showed up drunk and insisted on staying. Knowing full well I was sick and drenched in sweat he still tried for sex. Fondling and kissing me while I had snot and sweat pouring out from my body was really not my idea of a romantic night in. It was clear to me that this guy had no respect for me and no consideration. It was the first time I had to break up with someone and it felt odd. After I did it I felt relieved and that someone would be out there for me. It was then that I discovered the phone sex chat lines. This horrible addiction cost me so much over the next couple of months if I could go back in time and change it I probably would.


I would spend all afternoon and night on the phone chat lines. I talked to some pretty interesting people, the first one I actually met was named George. Immediately the name turned me off and he was a couple of years older but I felt obligated to meet him. We met at the jetty in Glenelg where where we had coffee and went for a walk on the “beach.” If you have ever been to Gleneleg you will know why I put inverted marks there. We talked for hours on the beach and when it got too cold went back to his house in the city where we continued to talk for hours and listen to music. When the morning crept up we crept into bed and lay there still talking. He put the moves on and we got to second base. It was here that he stopped and wanted to take things slow. He was a decent guy but seemed very boring, very plain not entirely what I was looking for at all. So after he dropped me home and I got my head around bacon and eggs I decided not to see him again, I even disguised my voice (not so convincingly) on the phone chat line when he came on that it wasn’t me.

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