Goodbye to “Pray” and hello to “Love”

Today marks a new day, the “Pray” part of my journey is over and I am so grateful! Don’t get me wrong I did love the journey and what I learnt but I am so happy to find that I can move onto another stage of self-discovery and progress towards healing and allowing love back into my life. My last relationship was a cataclysmic disaster and had made me bitter and jaded towards having a relationship in my own life, something that I have only owned up to and realised recently.

This journey of love while the outcome is not to “find the perfect man” (although I would not say no if it comes along!) it is about healing the hurt from love and offering more love into the world and growing as a part of this phase. I did recently initiate this process by putting into writing exactly what happened in my last relationship and reading it back helped me realise where it all went wrong and the mistakes I made.

If you haven’t picked up on this by now I am a huge advocate for relationships, I love it when two people get together and are in love and start a life together, really in this world there is nothing more beautiful, I am the eternal relationship cheerleader of the world but when it comes to the home team my poms poms fall a bit flat.

Throughout the next four months I will be dealing with my “Love” issues while giving out more love to the people around me. I will be doing small posts daily of “Love inspirational quotes” and then full posts when inspiration strikes.


Let “Love” begin because let’s face it we could all use more love in our lives!



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