People can be horrible, I’m sure if you have read comments on the previous post you would see that this is true. When I initially read them I was hurt, till I saw that the “anonymous” douche bag left their IP address so they can be tracked. I was a little surprised to find out who had done it (but not too much if truth be told!).

After getting over the initial shock I was able to get advice from my editor about what to do next, after receiving some re-assurance and coddling I have come to the conclusion that being a writer and creative person you put yourself out there all the time for everyone to see and a fact of life is not everyone is going to like it. James Cameron won millions of people over with Avatar, yet there are people who didn’t like it. Rather than choosing to give up and be hurt I have taken this as a learning curve. I am not the best at spelling or grammar I know this and it is something I am working on.

If you, the anonymous, faceless comment person are reading this thank you for helping me excel in my writing and become better at it. You really have helped me! Every time I think about your comments I am going to send you love and light.

We live in a world where anyone can comment or have their opinion with no consequence, you can hide behind a computer and criticise other people’s life as some attempt to validate yours and make you feel more important about yours. If that’s what you feel you have to do I urge you to get some help and maybe find another more positive outlet.



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