Expectations on Love

Since starting the “Love” side of my challenge I have been reading, listening to songs, watching movies, reading blogs, observing music videos and noticing that love is pretty much everywhere. Tonight I watched a new TV show that has just started in America called Friends With Benefits. The show is based around 6 friends living in New York who sleep with each other but date other people (and also sleep with them) the whole show just put me off. One of the main characters was sleeping with her male counterpart while pursuing this doctor while boasting to everyone that this doctor may be the “one”. The whole experience just confused me and really got me thinking is this how we see love these days? We accept mediocre relationships until the “one” comes along?

Personally I do not accept mediocre relationships in my life, I know a lot of people who are in relationships just to be in a relationship not because they believe their partner is who they are meant to be with. I find this notion irresponsible and to some extent cruel. In comparison I was watching My Girl (1 & 2) on the weekend and looking at the types of relationships that existed back in the 1970’s, one of the main things I picked up on was that back in the 70’s it was all about marriage. You weren’t together for years before getting married, no-one second guessed love or marriage they did it and did it for life. My grandparents are still together (on both sides) through good times and bad they have weathered the relationship storm and I have so much respect for them because of it. What has happened to us? ? ? When did we get so cynical? I know for me personally it has to do with the train wreck marriage of my parents and the revolving step parents that have followed on that has made me apprehensive about relationships and love. Is this really what Love has come to? Or is it just that we expect too much from love? We put such a high importance on having a partner to appear normal and to fit in to societies mould that we have lost all sense of what love actually is?

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