The “Relationshipaholic”

Flourishing in modern society is the “Relationshipholic” it can be seeing jumping from one relationship to the next without thinking, without breathing. Fear of not being able to survive alone they leech onto whoever they can just for the sake of being in a relationship. Standard times of solidarity range from 2-4 days but never more than that, in most studied cases relationships overlap to knit a quilt of cyclic encounters that never result in anything real. Relationshipholic’s are easily spotted by their prey by heightened emotions, clear desperate signals and the shallow technique of saying those three little words after several encounters. These creatures are multiplying rapidly and can mainly be found in suburban areas, they should be avoided if you know what’s good for you.

2 thoughts on “The “Relationshipaholic”

  1. I have had friends like this – in my single days I avoided relationships but quite often had friends whom could not be without a boyfriend/girlfriend in their lives. i guess my thing was toxic friendships – had fake friends whom i let walk all over me and create drama and could not tell ’em where to go…….ive grown up now and have ended toxic friendships…….life is too short for drama.

    Back to your topic though, I found it hard to keep up with whom people were seeing, i dated a lot so ppl prob said the same about me with trying to keep up but at least I wasn’t at desperation point for attention which is what many people seem to search for when they cant be alone. i saw so many people stay in the wrong relationship just so they had one….and when it ended jumped straight into another one just to have the status and be in the right life positions at the right age. why haven’t people learned that we dont have to get married or have children or move out of home by a certain age? why not travel and grow as a person before making such huge decisions???

    I will stop babbling now lol.

  2. p.s why do we let relationships define who we are?? people need to grow first before becoming a ‘we’. an individual needs to be an “I” before they come a “we”.
    ok i will really shut up now hahaha

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