Influence & Choice

I am known to be flighty, to make quick decisions without thinking them through and then have to deal with the consequences when it all blows up in my face. Everytime it happens I am surprised and perplexed that what I thought at the time was the best decision for me ultimately turned out to be a conundrum of mistake after mistake. It is something that I have slowly become aware of over time and only now have I realised the ramifications of making such life changing decisions and have come to the inane conclusion that making them in an angry, frustrated state of mind does nothing but bring more pain and disappointment.

Lately I have been presented with several opportunities to move out of the town where I am, they have been alluring propositions with the promise of expanding my career, widening my search for the perfect man and thinning my waistline. While these propositions have been extremely tantalising I have made a commitment to stay where I am till early next year. Other people that have been influencing these decisions are not happy with my honouring my commitment to stay, usually I would just up and go however what I have come to realise is that through this Eat Pray Love challenge I have become more in touch with myself and how these radical decisions affect me and my mind.

The choices we make in life are vitally important to our psyche, I know this sounds incredibly simple but it is something that I am just starting to slowly understand. While most of you who know me personally will be nodding your head and saying “Finally she realises!” I will make another point and that is I have never been a settler, I never will be, I am not a small town kinda guy who is just happy to nest in the one place with the one guy for the rest of my life because it’s easy and it just happens. I have plans for my life and my future that do exist outside the small confines of this place, the most important factor in this equation is timing. At this stage I am not ready to move on, I have vital ground work that still needs to be done on myself and my work.

Ultimately it is up to us to decide what is best for our lives, free from outside influence and critique. It is ok to consult friends, family and mentors in your decisions but in the end you are the one that has to live with the consequences, you are the one that has to be happy and you are the one that has to be ready.



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