Slamming on social media

This morning I caught up with a very dear friend who is both most wise and most beautiful inside and out. We do not get the chance to see each other all the time but every time we see each other our friendship grows and I always feel good and positive after I have seen her (and I hope she feels the same way!) We always go on long walks around the city looking in at new little shops that have opened up, trying new coffee places and always result in eating japanese food for lunch. Today was no exception although that Japanese have cottoned onto our game and decided to close both restaurants on a Monday much to our disappointment. Today as we walked around catching up about our lives and the big and small events that had happened we got to talking about friendships and how people when they are frustrated or angry with someone will post about it on Facebook rather than approach the problem directly. I could relate as it happened to me recently and I was quite confused as to why someone would do this.

As we were walking and talking about the friends we had lost and new ones we had gained we were discussing how friendship circles change over time, some people remain the same from the moment you meet them to the moment that they pass on, some rapidly change moving on to different geographical areas which incurs an internal change in their attitude and then your friendship with them. There does come a time when you can only withstand so much in the friendship and you have to cut it loose. If it survives the cut and you end up back in each others lives it was meant to be and hopefully the two of you have grown and learnt along the way.

Just to clear the air I used to be the kind of person that would do this but after destroying some friendships and seeing the negative effects it had I promptly stopped and found the photo below and whilst being both cute and funny it also had a strong message that I agreed with whole heartedly. The history of my friendship with this person has been rocky but still we have similar interests and generally get a long but taking it to this extreme was way too much for me to handle. The switch inside me was flipped and I was ready to counter strike but upon better judgement advice decided to ignore it and move on to a night of frozen margaritas with my friends.

Social media plays such a big part of our lives today and unfortunately it is too easy to type in a status update that could potentially hurt and destroy a friendship, the effects of this are not seen until later on and are rarely dealt with face to face. We as a human race need to interact with each other, it is what we are hard wired to do and taking away the personal talk and touch contact encourages a “say what you want” mentality with no repercussions. I can strongly urge all of you to consider why you would write a slamming and negative status or wall post when you could call or see the person face to face and have a conversation and talk about it like adults? I for one am tired of bowing to the social media slamming, it is the reason why my entertainment news blogs are purely factual and promotional rather than gossipy and bitchy.

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