Christmas Wrap – 20 Seconds Of Courage

Well it is over for another year the presents have been unwrapped, the turkeys and ham have been devoured and we are left with the left over wrapping paper and extra kilos and a few new things to show for it. This was the first year for me that my family was not all together on christmas, my brother was in another state, my sister was working all day, my other relatives scattered across the globe and it looked like I would be spending christmas day by myself. At first this thought frightened me the thought of being alone on Christmas the one day you are expected to be surrounded by loved ones and as I began to dwell on the situation more I realised the key word was “expected.” This is a man made holiday with imposed expectations and obligations and while it is a nice tradition I couldn’t help but think about the people who do not have family with them on Christmas day, who do not have friends or even somewhere to live or eat.

It is so easy to get caught up in the spirit of it all and what Christmas day should be, I was preparing to spend the day by myself and not drink myself into oblivion and then at the last minute by some Christmas miracle my Mum got really sick with the flu and cancelled all her Christmas plans and announced lunch for her, my stepdad and myself. It truly was a Christmas miracle in all senses of the word! After a beautiful turkey roast and christmas pudding I came home and pottered around the house for a while and decided I did not want to mope around by myself so I called my old housemate who lives the next suburb over and turns out she was by herself as well. Needless to say a few beers later we were chatting well into the night and it really did feel like Christmas again. We talked about her recent trip overseas to Nepal and how different countries and cultures are and I began to express what I was feeling about myself and my life. Lately I have been feeling like I am just existing, going through the motions doing the same thing over and over again and I am not out there making a difference and I want to be. I am not content to work a 9-5 job and just exist I want to be out there making a difference and doing something with my life. We then talked about where my life was headed and with a fair few of my friends (herself included) moving away from Newcastle in 2012 it is going to be a big year of change and adjustment and I honestly do not know how I am going to deal with it.

Boxing Day came around and I was excited to be off to the movies to do some reviewing, after seeing some cute children’s films I then moved onto We Bought A Zoo, in the first 10 minutes I knew that I was going to love this movie and it turns out I did. It is the story of a father and his two children who have recently lost their mother. It is a beautiful story and when I found out it was a true story it only fuelled my love for this story. One of the main points I got from it was the idea of “20 Seconds Of Courage” if you live your life and every time you are scared or second guessing something you use 20 seconds of courage to do it and you will conquer your fears and your life will take you places that you always wanted to. I love this idea and what it can mean for me, so many times in 2011 I backed out of doing things and second guessed myself and as a result have kind of been in limbo. It is time I start adapting this philosophy in the new year and hopefully for the rest of my life and while I cannot see myself buying a zoo in the country I am excited to think about the challenges and adventures my life will go on with a new and fresh attitude.

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