What once was lost…is now somehow found…

Just thought I would check in with you and provide an update on what has been happening. I know it has been awhile. I am getting back into the challenge believe it or not. I am in a very “Pray” part of my life right now and back on the healthy eating mind track and taking more time out for myself to get clarity.

Starting back at uni the last two weeks has actually started to change my situation and put me back into the right frame of mind that I need to be in. I made my self a promise that I would stop being such a social recluse and make some uni friends this year, and while two weeks doesn’t really count as bffs yet I do believe I am further on my way to making some decent uni friends, classmates to collaborate with that will become work colleagues in the future. I love being surrounded my writers all day, talking about writing, what we want to do, dream jobs, the industry, it is truly the most exciting time of my life. Any doubts I had about staying in Newcastle to finish this degree have diminished and I am finding that I am learning more about myself and how much I can endure.

Any day now we will receive our notice that the new owner wants to move back into this house and the impending deadline will become a dreaded reality and the hunt will begin to find a new place to live. I have tried to be as proactive as I can in finding a new place but there is so many options, do i want to live by myself or should I continue sharing until my degree is over? Either way it is going to happen soon and I don’t know if I am truly ready for the change. The house we live in is great, I live with my best friend and we have so much fun, but all good things must come to an end and I think our time living together is up.

This is my roundabout way of saying a lot has changed, I feel that balance thing happening and as I get back into an exercise routine that doesn’t involve reaching for the next potato chip I can feel that fire, that ignition, the determination coming back. Till next time dear ones….


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